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Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication! You made us popular, now it’s our turn to make you proud.



by Shereen

     I’m allergic to asking for help.  I swear, I can literally have a physical reaction. It makes me feel deeply uncomfortable. It doesn’t make sense when I consider how I am made up. I am an overachiever and very task oriented which means, when I need to get things done, I will always look for the quickest route. Not the best or the easiest routes. I can’t help it.  It’s the way I’ve always been.  So, in theory, asking for help should be a doddle. It means I save time, as wasting time is the ultimate displeasure for high achievers.  Yet, this is one area in which I have had to really had to dig deep and practice.

Many times I feel like I am about to choke on my own words when it comes to asking for help. I believe that my reluctance to ask for help is associated with worrying that maybe I am not so strong enough, not confident enough or as independent as I make out.  I can’t afford to have anyone second guessing my strength and confidence; doubting my ability to get things done. I have been promoted based on my confidence, my tenacity and my ability to drive things forward. In my head, maintaining such a drive is incongruous with asking for help. The two just don’t match, I have told myself over the years.

Practice asking for help sounds ridiculous, but that’s exactly what I’ve had to do. My boyfriend has been the test bed of this practice (Poor man.  I know, right?). It would start off with little things, like asking if he could proof read something I’ve written. Although English isn’t his first language, his command of the written form is second to none.

Then I progressed to bigger things, like asking for his help when my washing machine decided to break down (for the 10th time). Usually I would have paid too much money for someone to come out and look at it. Or, I’ve thought to myself, “I’ll buy a new one as I can’t be bothered with the hassle.”

Then I graduated to the big guns: asking him to collect my daughter from school. To be fair, I did warn my childminder to keep an eye on him in case he looked a bit lost on the playground and I called him twice before 3 p.m. and sent a text when I thought he should be leaving the house.

In general, asking for help at its core is about, trust and that’s something that can be difficult to give for us independent ladies.  We’ve probably been let down in the past so have learned the hard way that there is no point asking for help as we are destined to be disappointed. Like Pavlov’s dog we have been conditioned to expect it to be so.  And, after a while, we simply stop asking.

It then becomes a badge of honor to be the woman that says “I can do better all by myself” and off we go, achieving amazing things, going from strength to strength paradoxically proving that we don’t need help.  But here’s the reality: if we are to reflect back over our greatest accomplishments, the things we are most proud of, did we really do it all by ourselves?  In my case the answer is “no.”  I am a single mother but did I raise my daughter by myself? No. I work in human resources for a well-known British coffee chain but, did I get to that position at a relatively young age by myself? No.

I’ve had people who have supported me and helped me before I even knew I needed help. People that offered to help me and when I said no, they ignored me and helped anyway.  My successes are due to my hard work and sheer determination, but in part they are also due to who have supported me along the way.  But as we know, I am…uh…WE are evolving and maturing, which means I am practicing hard to be kind to myself. I worry less about the perceptions of others. I take joy in asking my boyfriend for help.  He doesn’t know that it is one of the biggest signs of trust I can ever give him. Something that is only reserved for my small and immediate family. Don’t get me wrong, he still can’t cook, has no intention of learning and seems incapable of voluntarily doing the laundry using his own initiative. But he is there when I need him and will bend over backwards to help me when I need it.

I am very capable, assured, and I wear my independence with pride. But I forget that happiness is to serve others. I feel the most accomplished when I have done something to help another person. In fact that’s why I created a set of motivational cards – so I can help others help themselves.

It is hard work though isn’t it? I am getting better though and I’m sure you will too. I am on occasion known to still brush off an offer for help – it’s a default reaction. But those that know me well are very good at offering a second and a third time, to make sure I have heard their offer.  They are helping me break my own conditioning to saying “No. Thanks for your offer, but I’m all good.”

Now just so we are clear, being able to ask for help is not about being in a relationship. It just so happen for me that asking for help and trusting the one I’m with are intertwined. (And, that point is worth emphasizing).  There will be close friends, family members or even strangers who offer to help us and we have to get better at accepting their help. We can’t always assume that we will be let down or that we will end up in a worse situation than where we started.

I wish I had learned this lesson a lot sooner.  If nothing else, I could have achieved more in a quicker period of time. Not to take away from what I have achieved mind you, but as human beings we are programmed to want more and unfortunately I am no different!


Shereen is a Mum of 9 year Tia and partner of Mehis (her very own Estonian Viking). Working in Human Resources by day and Founder and Creator of Achibé, Shereen is a firm believer that we small steps we can achieve anything we set our minds to. Her mission is empower people to better help themselves to live the lives of their dreams. She also is a Crossfitter and a closet writer and she hails from the UK.



by LaVerna Saunders

Long gone are the days of old when a woman totally depends on a man for finances, companionship, protection, etc. The days when mother’s, instead of encouraging their daughters to get good job and find a stable career, were grooming their daughters to be some man’s wife. Mothers realize the importance of raising an “Independent Woman.” Lisa McQuerrey author of How to Be an Independent Young Woman, said that being an independent young woman, “Can help you achieve personal and professional goals, attain financial independence and provide you with a strong sense of self-esteem.”

The societal shift from women being dependent on men started, believe it or not, in the 1920’s. According to an article from Historpedia entitled The Women in the Roaring Twenties, the following turn of events created the shift:

“Before World War I, there was a strict and common role of families and gender in society. The women stayed home to cook, clean and take care of children. Women would not work or hold independent or strong roles in the family. They would not commonly deal with money, make political decisions or defy their husband’s ideas. Men would be the breadwinners of the family, own the land and make the political decisions…But, when WWI broke out………Many women had to enter the workforce to support their families.”

So began the age of the “Independent Woman” and it looks like it’s here stay.

Remember these lyrics? Even if you’re not familiar with them, can you guess the title of this song?

The shoes on my feet.

I’ve bought it.

The clothes I’m wearing.

I’ve bought it.

The rock I’m rockin.

I’ve bought it.

Cause I depend on me.

If I wanted the watch you’re wearin’

I’ll buy it

The house I live in

I’ve bought it

The car I’m driving

I’ve bought it

I depend on me

I didn’t put the last line in but Destiny’s Child felt really strongly about it. They repeated the words I depend on me. Then they went on to say,

“All the women who are independent

Throw your hands up at me

All the honeys who makin money

Throw your hands up at me

All the mamas who profit dollars

Throw your hands up at me

All the ladies who truly feel me

Throw your hands up at me.”

So according to Destiny’s Child and many others, being an “Independent Woman” is what all women should strive to attain. But, there’s a difference between being an “Independent Woman” who doesn’t need a man to survive and a woman who wants a man. According to an article in Elite Daily entitled “The Difference Between Needing a Man and Wanting One,”

“you need a man when you’re lonely; you want a man when you’re ready. When you’re lonely and longing, you make bad decisions and you can always find wrong men waiting to fill that gap. When you need a man, you’ll take almost any man. When you want a man, only the right one will do. When you need a man, you need validation. However, women who want a man are eager to give it.”

If you think about the relationships you’ve been in and your female family members and friends, the article mentioned above is so true. The healthiest relationships are when the woman isn’t totally dependent on a man. When she can make it on her own, without that boyfriend or spouse. But when a woman is coming from a place of desire and is in that relationship to add value and receive love and support, the interdependence between the two can be magnificent.

Independent women can shout from the mountaintop and wear the big letter on their t-shirt I don’t need a man, but all of that bravado doesn’t translate to “I don’t want a man.” Independent or not, most women want a man. Author Beverly J. Valtierra, Ph.D., LCSW says, “Women will always be relational. That is a gift and a treasure.” Yes, men are a gift and a treasure and we do want them in our lives. They add incredible value to our lives and we shouldn’t be ashamed to tell them and…tell the world.


LaVerna Saunders is a professional of highest caliber. She is a sales professional, former radio talk show host, and my former Blog Talk Radio Co-Host. LaVerna’s energetic, upbeat approach to her work and to life in general is unmatched. LaVerna is especially savvy in articulating the nuances of the male-female relationship dynamic. LaVerna is an experienced presenter, Emcee, and trainer in a variety of fields. LaVerna is credited with bringing many aspects of Jubilee News, of WHEN MEN SPEAK and other aspects of James’ Encouragement Is Key network from concept to life. Jubilee News wishes to express its sincere appreciation for all of LaVerna’s contributions both past and present.



by Kottyn Campbell

Ladies!  Look!  Listen! 

Be the woman he needs you to be, not the woman you thought he wanted. Find out what he desires-not just in the bedroom, but in the office, and in the kitchen. He’s not looking for you to be his mom-he has one. If you focus on his needs, then his job is to focus on your needs. Lose yourself in God so that he has to go through God to get to you.  And once you’ve found each other, stay focused on being the woman he needs you to be.  And, he’ll be the man you desire him to be.


Kottyn Campbell is a poet, spoken word artist, author, a vlogger with a sizeable collection of poems and other works on YouTube, a radio and a television show host that has years of experience performing and hosting Open Mic Nights with multiple books to her credit.  Her smooth, sensual, purposeful delivery sets her head, shoulders, and vocally apart from all others of her craft.  Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication is extremely thankful to host such an immense talent as Kottyn.




by Kimberly Martin

She whipped and whirled around her world as a hurricane tears through a city.  A full-time job, full-time classes and most importantly, a full-time mother.  Alone she did this. Independently making it all happen.  Her enthusiasm and positivity made people around her feel good and alive.

“You are doing great! Keep it up,” were words she often heard.

A bright pleasant smile was always offered. She never complained.  A people pleaser but guarded.  Her strength came from her son. She knew she had to make this life work for him. She knew she was all he had.  No time to be sick. No time to slack.

So many other women were in the same situation. So many other women were making it happen on their own with the same bright smile. The same enthusiasm. Night time comes. The world comes to a quiet slumber.  Now she can put down the ton of bricks she has been carrying around all day.  The mask comes off and tears flow.  The weight is too heavy.  Although proud of what she can accomplish on her own, it becomes tiresome.  Sometimes wishing someone would come and take on some of the burden.  She put herself in this situation. She knows she cannot change the past.  Could have made better choices. Should have been more cautious.

THIS is her life now. An independent woman. A strong woman.  More tears flow. Scars on her body from releasing the pain.  Thoughts of ending it all sometimes seep in.  She will not. She cannot.  Sleep does not visit her as much as she would like.

Staring at the midnight sky, she lays quietly thinking about tomorrow.  Knowing when daylight comes, she will carry those bricks once again.  The mask goes back on.

Life goes on.


Kimberly Martin is a wife, mother, grandmother, and survivor of extraordinary personal trauma.  Kim is an advocate for and incredibly passionate about assisting those with emotional and mental illness to seek the help and counseling they need. Kimberly also takes great proud in helping them find their voices.  Kimberly possesses a rare combination of wisdom and compassion and speaks the language of those hurting-specifically those who suffer in the silence because they are ashamed to admit they are suffering with emotional or mental illness. Kimberly is also a closet writer and poet who hopes to extend a helping hand to those suffering in the silence of their disorders through her out of the box writing style   Thank you Kimberly for your out of the box thinking and your submissions. We are truly grateful that you are a part of the Jubilee News Team.



by Tracye Brewer

According to Mirriam-Webster, independence refers to the position of not being subject to control by other people or things, but showing a desire for freedom. The state of being independent implies standing alone, lacking interference from others.

The independent woman is free. She is at liberty to choose commitment to her career, her family, both, or none of the above. She works with confidence. She explores nature with appreciation and she contributes to the sustainability of the environment with her presence. She knows what she wants. She considers carefully and she doesn’t waver in being who she is. She is consistent. She is stable. She is an independent woman.

The independent woman is the heartbeat of her family. She is the daughter who volunteers to take care of her parents. She is the sister who is a best friend to her brothers. She is the nurturing mother who teaches her children to respect and to love themselves and others. She is a friend who treasures supportive relationships that challenge her in unique ways.

One day an independent woman became a wife. Of all her independent expressions, the freedom she cherished the most was her uninhibited submission to her husband. She consciously comprehended her power to choose: submit or not submit, stay or leave, respect or disrespect, follow or lead. She decided not to usurp authority over him. She decided not to manipulate him with her innate power to influence. She decided to comfort him, respect him, and follow him as he leads her. The independent woman discovered that her greatest freedom was in her submission. When she understood that submission was her choice, she realized her true power. This is an independent woman, a demonstration of power through submission.


Tracye Brewer is a licensed clinical social worker. She facilitates workshops on “The Abuse of Power” teaching strategies for prevention and healing of abuse. She helps to raise awareness of clergy sexual abuse, working directly with clergy and church leadership. She has over 10 years of experience working with individuals, families, and children as a social worker. As a Medical Social Worker at Kaiser Permanente, she currently works with patients who have chronic illness and end stage disease. She is also an actress. She recently performed in the stage production “I Want My Vagina Back” playing the role of Claire, a woman struggling to heal from abuse, misfortune, and poor choices. Please join me in welcoming Tracye Brewer to the Jubilee News Team in this her debut article.



by Kottyn Campbell


Never believed that love in my mind was possible

Never thought my heart would be so attached to the sound of ones voice or

my ears would fall in love with his words motivating, captivating, mesmerizing and

I’m paralyzed hypnotized

Thought I’d only see love from the heavens above

So I wait awake

can’t sleep

thoughts of you

hearing your voice in my dreams

in my sleep

tears streaming

this is unbelievable

I wait to see you

hear what you might say

heart beating irregularly

afraid flustered when we talk so I…talk too much

afraid that if I stop you might see into my heart

Wondering what is this I’m feeling

I prayed to God

ask the question and his answer brought me back to you.

I Never thought that love in my mind would become a reality

never thought it possible…

til you spoke to my heart.


Kottyn Campbell is a poet, spoken word artist, author, a vlogger with a sizeable collection of poems and other works on YouTube, a radio and a television show host that has years of experience performing and hosting Open Mic Nights with multiple books to her credit.  Her smooth, sensual, purposeful delivery sets her head, shoulders, and vocally apart from all others of her craft.  Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication is extremely thankful to host such an immense talent as Kottyn.


Daddy, You Are So Important

by Recia Jones

This is a belated Father’s Day message…

From Daddy’s Little Girl:  I know you may not know it and may not always feel it, but you are needed. Your presence is so needed by me to give me a model of what I should expect and all that I need in life. You are needed to set the tone for every man that will follow you especially if he is interested in me. I know that you and mommy don’t always see eye to eye. But please don’t give up totally. I want to say something when I hear you two try to argue quietly but I just keep quiet as I don’t want to make the situation worse. I know you’re doing the best that you can. For what it’s worth I love you for it. I love when you call me daddy’s little girl. It makes me feel invincible. It makes me feel safe. You’re so important to me. You’re the best daddy in the world. All my friends say it but I know the truth. When I fall down, you pick me up and kiss my boo boo’s. You comfort me when I feel scared. You make me feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the whole world. Mommy is important too and I know she’s doing her best. I think she misses you, too. Just like you make me feel safe I think she also misses that feeling. You always fix all of my problems and I know you used to fix hers too. You’re so important daddy and that is why I need you to remain apart of my life. Keep fighting for us because daddy. I can’t imagine what my life will be like if you stop but…I’d rather not. I love you daddy and I want you to know that I appreciate all you do.

From Your Son:  I know you may not know it but I need you. I need your presence and guidance. It’s so hard out here dad. Every time I turn on the news I hear of another man getting shot. I’m losing some of my friends to the gun violence in the streets. A lot of my friends look to the acceptance of the streets in the absence of their fathers. I’m so glad that you are still in my life. I know at times I can be a knucklehead and sometimes shut down when you call me out on things. It’s because I try so hard to please you that when I don’t, I just can’t take it. It’s a guy thing. I’m sure you know all about it. I still need you to show me how to make it out here. Don’t get me wrong, Mama does her best but between me and you-she’s a girl. There’s a difference. And sometimes she doesn’t understand especially when I ask questions I see how her breathing gets a little heavy. It’s funny to me. And when she tries to throw a football I laugh because she throws like a girl. I know you two had your differences. Sometimes I think it’s hard for her to look at me because I look just like you. It reminds her of when you two were together. She always encourages me to be my best and to be just like you. You are so important to me and I wanted you to know that. I’m watching you and how you treat your mother, sisters, and even my mom. I need to know how to be a man so I thank you for our talks.

This is a timely, needful message for Father’s Day-for every day of the year for men, especially for father’s to hear. As a columnist, a poet, an artist, but most of all as a human being, I wanted to share my heart with you. Men! I salute you. I salute you for the many young people that can’t or that have been taught not to. I salute you from a perspective of what I missed out on growing up myself. And, if I can be completely honest, there is a great deal of pain that exists in the hearts and minds of our youth. I’ve heard it a millions time over in the conversations I have with them in my travels. I bear a great deal of pain myself. This by no means is to take from the amazing role that women play in the lives of our children. But men are needed. If we look at the state of where we are today with the absence of men, I’d dare say things would be so much better if we had more of you. We need each other. We need you. To all the men who have stood tall…I thank you. You are greatly appreciated.


Recia Jones is a healthcare professional by trade who, through Recia with boardersoul Recia with boardersearching and self reflection, has discovered her many talents and skills. Born both out of passion and a therapeutic sense, Recia is on a journey of personal actualization in which she wields many tools and weapons to help people, women in particular, find their strengths and purpose in their “singleness.” Recia has been in a member of the Jubilee News Team for multiple Editions. She made her first appearance in the Mothers’ Day Edition, 8.3. Since then, she’s contributed to the Publication as a columnist, a poet, and a painter. Join me in appreciation of Recia and her many gifts and talents.



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