“Fed Up” (poem)

As Founder and Editor-In-Chief of the Publication and as the only man that has written for the Publication thus far, James is always excited to submit his writing. As a matter of fact, James passion for poetry was developed right here at Jubilee News. In the very early stages of the Publication, James was often faced with the challenges of gathering enough material to use in each of it’s Editions.  As a means of “filling in some blanks” James came up with a few lines of poetry to fulfill his duty as Editor-In-Chief.  After a few submissions, several family members, friends, fellow columnists and poets all mentioned to James that he should consider writing more poetry.

Being thankful of the compliments, James never regarded his writing, let alone his poetry as having any appeal beyond Jubilee News.  With more compliments and suggestions, James ventured out into the poetry and open mic scene in his home town of Baltimoreto present his wares.  And as fate old have it, James found a home for his artistic expression outside of Jubilee News.  James was offered his first opportunity to be a featured performer in a dinner theatre setting at a small boutique iin downtown Baltimore and the rest…as they say…was history.  3 poetry books and many performances later, James’ love for poetry grow o a point that he had to include it as a stand alone project in his encouragement based network.  Poetry TV, Pieces of Poetry, and Seasons of Storytelling are just of few of the projects that James has developed since his dinner theatre debut in 2014.

In this Edition, James offers a rewind on a piece he submitted way back in 2nd Edition of Volume 1.  Interestingly enough the message provided then is as fitting and as relevant now, more than ever.  As men, we need to pay extremely close attention to the needs of the women in our lives and provide the necessary support before the weight of the burdens cause harm to women we love and to our relationships with them.

To read James poem, click: Fed Up (the poem)

The Publication solicits your feedback. Please leave a comment to share with us how the articles and poems have encouraged you. If positively, then please share that information with your family and friends. We also welcome you to provide feedback to our Founder & Editor-In-Chief via email at wmsjubileenews@gmail.com, if you so desire.

Thank you.


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