Kimberly Martin, a Baltimore native, is immensely passionate about helping persons that suffer with emotional and mental sickness.  Persons that suffer in silence and without the needed clinical and professional support are Kimberly’s number one priority.  Kimberly is well aware that sufferers can appear to lead lives that seem quite normal from the outside but that are filled with torment, self loathing, fear, and anger from within.  Kimberly also possesses an awareness that emotional and mental illness claims it’s victims without prejudice.  Regardless of socio-economic standing, educational background, or professional experience, many people fall prey to the ravages of these conditions seemingly without warning.  But Kimberly is acquainted with the slow unraveling that takes place in the hearts of minds of those who if left untreated are certain to suffer an emotional or mental breakdown.  As a survivor, Kimberly seeks to touch every person humanly possible with her writing to spark all with whom she comes in contact to approach these conditions preventatively and to seek help as quickly as possible at the very first display of symptoms.

Kimberly made her debut with the Publication back in the 10th Edition with truly unique submission to humorously call attention to the unfair expectations that woman often place upon men in relationships.  In this Edition, Kimberly’s submissions was far from funny.  It was a very eye opening, disturbing glimpse into the mind and life of a person suffering with emotional and mental illness.

To read Kimberly’s post in this Edition, click: Unhinged

The Publication solicits your feedback. Please leave a comment to share with us how the articles and poems have encouraged you. If positively, then please share that information with your family and friends. We also welcome you to provide feedback to our Founder & Editor-In-Chief via email at wmsjubileenews@gmail.com, if you so desire.



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