“Angry Woman” (poem)

Kottyn Campbell is a model, poet, spoken word artist, author, radio and television show host that has years of experience performing at Open Mic Nights. Kottyn has multiple books to her credit.  Her smooth, sensual, purposeful delivery sets her head, shoulders, and vocally apart from all others of her craft.  Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK  In recent weeks, Kottyn has officially partnered with founder/Editor-In-Chief, James Falcon, to provide the feminine perspective to men’s forum, WHEN MEN SPEAK.  There, Kottyn lends many of her administrative gifts as she serves as a vlogger, strategist, and marketing and promotions specialist.  In her travels, Kottyn promotes both Jubilee News and WHEN MEN SPEAK to men and women collectively and respectively.  This Publication is extremely thankful to host such an immense, multifaceted talent as Kottyn and we welcome her back for more artistry.

Kottyn made her debut in Jubilee News’ Edition 8.3 and has consistently submitted multiple articles and poems in each Edition since then.  Please join us in welcoming Kottyn and her incredible talents back for another Edition.

In this Edition, Kottyn submitted a poem entitled, “Angry Woman” in which she expresses her frustrations about the short sightedness and insensitivity of men in romantic, male-female relationships.

To read Kottyn’s article, click: Angry Woman

The Publication solicits your feedback.  Please leave a comment to share with us how the articles and poems have encouraged you.  If positively, then please share that information with your family and friends.  We also welcome you to provide feedback to our Founder & Editor-In-Chief via email at wmsjubileenews@gmail.com, if you so desire.

Thank you.


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