3rd Edition


Celebrating the Release of the 3rd Edition, March 20, 2013

Thank you ever so very much for visiting Jubilee News. Several weeks and more than 1,100 page views later, we are excited to experience growth in many ways. First and foremost, the fact that our publication was chosen over 1,100 times is not only amazing but incredibly humbling. In addition, Jubilee News is quickly becoming a platform for the promotion of women artists. To boot, the newsletter’s reputation is also increasing as well. I can’t thank you enough for your continued selection of Jubilee News.

In this edition, we introduced a new layout. We placed even more emphasis on our artists and their contributions. So…have at it and enjoy.

James W. Falcon

Editor-In-Chief, Jubilee News

 3rd ed


On the March 9th broadcast of WHEN MEN SPEAK-The Radio Edition entitled, “I Ain’t Your Errand Boy & Other Complaints I Hear Men Say,” Founder, Co-host, & Editor-In-Chief James W. Falcon introduced a segment called the“Locker Room.” The setting (title) was chosen as a backdrop from which to present the response to the central question raised in the broadcast discussion. A backdrop and place of gathering for men where the testosterone levels are at their peak was desired. What better setting is there than a men’s locker room?

From the “Locker Room,” James made his last and final appeal (of the broadcast) for women to take to heart the message that was shared. The anticipated result: to spark a RELATIONSHIP REVOLUTION!

What follows is what James intended to share on the broadcast in it’s entirety:

“If I were on TV, I would turn away from everything else and I would look directly into the camera and I would say this…


Keep in mind that men live for opportunities to come to the aid of damsels in distress. To lend our muscle to help a woman in crisis is a fantastic opportunity for us. And there are few men-very few -hat would pass on a chance like that. We (men) were created to help. However, please don’t take advantage of that-and of us. Please don’t make errands and honey-do lists the filters through which you determine a man’s faithfulness. Please reinvest in us to keep our stock at a premium. And please, please, please don’t make work a prerequisite to intimacy in a relationship! Instead, understand that like most things, there must be a balance. So ladies, shower the men in your lives with honor and with the acknowledgement of his contributions. Remind him how important his work is to you and to other members of the family unit or at work or in the conversations you have among each other. Under appreciation can be detrimental. Allowing boredom to set in is deadly. So let’s work together in promoting each other. We should be our mates’ biggest fans in public and in private. Let’s not cheapen the experience of love by offering only one-sided exchanges. Close the loop and close it well with an outpouring of love that is tailor made for your man. And men, pay attention to the women in your lives! Don’t allow her to agonize about anything! Go to her rescue. Become her Superhero.”


Women’s Response To “The Locker Room:”

We Cry Out for Understanding

The more and more I delve into this issue of male-female relationships, the more I begin to see how much women and men tend to misunderstand one another. Men and women are two people who can accomplish so many things together. They are two people who are so easily misunderstood yet passionately seeking to understand one another. In the response to this week’s Locker Room, I will attempt to clear up this misunderstanding ONCE and for all as I honestly and unapologetically address the topic, “I Ain’t Your Errand Boy: And Other Complaints I’ve Heard Men Say.”

Men, once again we have heard the cry of desperation from your heart to speak… and, to be heard. We hear you. This time, we listen to you universally from the lips and heart of ONE man who speaks for many men -James Falcon. Most of us don’t mean to take you for granted. We don’t want you to feel like an errand boy, a slave, or a go-to guy. We value your assistance. There is so much that you have that WE respect and admire. We marvel at the muscles that bulge from your incredible physique, the strength that exudes from your very presence… the thoughts and ideas that ooze out of your perfectly formed mind… Yes we honor, cherish, and ADORE you.

There may be times when we ask you to take out the trash, run an errand or unclog the sink, but for most of us… it’s a cry for help. Some of us have been single parents for so long, and we have been doing everything by ourselves and we’re tired and worn out. Some of us were raised without fathers and now that we have a man around the house, we can’t help but shed a tear when you come to our aid. Yet and still, some of us have been in a bad marriage where we were mistreated. Now that we are in a healthy relationship we are acting out fear…petrified that we will once again be taken for granted. So we beg you to stop for a moment before you fret. We implore you to seek, to understand that we want, need, and desire YOU– our man. Yes, we agree James that we should work together and become each other’s greatest fans.

Sincerely submitted,


LaVerna Saunders,

Your Co-Host, When Men Speak-The Radio Edition



The Artist’s Corner is the section of the newsletter devoted entirely to those expressive women who have submitted their work to Jubilee News for the uplifting of all. Jubilee News is especially appreciative for this artist’s work in that she contributed to an earlier edition and has been so kind to lend us more of her talent with another exceptional poem.

Millennium Approach to My Sisters Only

What do you do?

How much do you make?

I just need to know

not that I plan to take…


Is my level too high?

Are you beneath my mind?

Where’s your resume’ prospect

Love, I’m not trying to find–

Hmmm girl, let me see that behind


Show me that you can pay

But submit only to my way,

My words are for you to follow

I’ll give you what you want tomorrow,


Make me feel like a king

but I will never buy you that ring,

I’m headed outside for clout


Your humanity I definitely doubt…

Truth is, I love my black queen

as long as she stays UNSEEN.

-by MJD


MJD is a native of New Jersey who possesses a unique perspective on life, love, & relationships. MJD credits her principles and values to the unyielding influence of her Mother & Father and others she had in her upbringing. In addition to poetry, she is a culinary wizard and business owner. Join me in expressing our sincerest appreciation to MJD for her contribution to Jubilee News.



The Good Girlfriend

Two weeks ago, when the Doctor presented the discussion on dealing with Drama -Filled men, a reader stated her quandary. She did not have a man who brought drama to her life; however she is always told that she is a “good” girlfriend and would make someone a wonderful wife. The reader was left empty-handed; plagued to watch her man move on and marry the next woman.

She asked, “What can I do to avoid just being the good girlfriend?”

Let’s break the Good Girlfriend Syndrome Down so that you will know if she is YOU.

You are a positive person.

You’re affectionate

You take interest in things that interest him.

You know the difference between destructive criticism and constructive criticism.

You don’t criticize his friends or family (at least not out loud).

You don’t monopolize all his free time.

You are honest.

So I’m a Good Girlfriend? Why I am not “The One ?”


There are several reasons why you may not be stuck as “Ms. Right Now”.

  1. You don’t challenge this man. Challenge in this sense does not refer to finger snapping, head popping, and eye rolling. At the core of each man is that competitive Alpha Dog spirit. The challenge that men seek is the kind that brings out the best in a person. It is the sense of satisfaction that comes from accomplishing a hard worked for goal. (In my case finally losing 30 pounds since last August.)
  1. He enjoys your company and doesn’t want anyone else to have you but doesn’t have plans for you in his future. You may not have had a fair shake in this decision if this man is rebounding from a recent heartbreak or has other commitment issues.
  1. He’s just not ready. This could mean that he has other things in life that he wants to achieve before getting married. This man may have an entrepreneurial/work place or educational pursuit.
  1. You are overly independent. It may seem inconceivable why some men choose the Damsel in Distress over Miss Independent. On paper, Miss Independent would appear to be the obvious choice. However, Miss Damsel is often selected because a man is oftenvery clear about his role with Miss Damsel but may be in unchartered territory or not feel that he has much to contribute to the relationship with Miss Independent.
  1. Your relationship, ideas, and goals may be incompatible.
  1. You may have habits that are deal breakers for him. There are as many deal breakers as there are stars in the sky. There is even a TV show called, Baggage which is a spin-off of the old Dating Game Show where there is one bachelor/bachelorette and 3 contestants vying for a chance to go on a date. Each contestant stands in front of 3 increasingly larger pieces of luggage. As they opens each piece, the contestant reveals issues about him/herself to the bachelor/bachelorette and is systematically removed from consideration if the revelation is a deal breaker. The interesting twist to this game is the fact that turn-about is fair game and the selected contestant upon hearing the bachelor/bachelorette’s own baggage can choose whether or not to go out on the date. This is a fascinating concept because it spares both partners wasted time and heart- ache.

Although Baggage, is merely a dating game, it brings to light an important lesson on the need to discuss relationship goals and issues that may be YOUR deal breakers. I once was caught by surprise when a relationship ended. Upon review of the relationship, my mate was very clear early in the relationship when he informed me that my wanting to keep my maiden name in addition to adding his was a deal breaker. As time went on I ASSUMED that it was no longer an issue because he didn’t end the relationship at that time. MY mistake was avoiding the topic and ASSUMING that things were okay.

In relationships, we do too much ASSUMING. We must begin with serious GROWN FOLK conversations about wants and needs multiple times throughout the relationship. If it is determined that we are not matched it is best to remember that we are all perfectly imperfect and our flaws will be PERFECT for the one that was created for specifically for us.

ATT is a licensed counselor in the state of GA and has held licenses in MD and NJ. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in Industrial Organizational Psychology. ATT is a woman of extraordinary wisdom who is tenacious about helping people. In addition, she is a returning contributor. Join us in the celebration of this professional and her practical insight.



The Artist’s Corner is the section of the newsletter devoted entirely to those expressive women who have submitted their work to Jubilee News for the uplifting of all. This Edition celebrates the a new artist and her work. Enjoy!

Substance of a Man

Not easily disturbed by the little things.
Not easily detoured by sightly things.
Focus is his main instruction.
Not giving into corruption.

Of substantial character is he.

Readily identifying those qualities in she.

Not lying down with every Bathsheba.

Not stepping up his game in intent to deceive her.

True to who he is at all times.

Having a mind for himself.

But knowing when to speak his mind.

Compassion and kindness permeate from his eyes.

But this is not a punk. No. Not by any disguise.

Strength is what he’s made of. Fortified.

Poetry by Victoria Sharrock

Jubilee News made Victoria Sharrock’s acquaintance as the result of her support and enthusiasm for our Blog Talk Radio broadcast, WHEN MEN SPEAK-The Radio Edition. In addtion, she has been a long time friend of the broadcast’s Co-Host, my Cousin, LaVerna Saunders. After learning of Victoria’s passion for poetry, and of the fact that the organization that she founded has a similar mission, she and Jubilee News agreed to join forces. More than a display of Victoria’s talent, we are honored for her support of the totality of our work. Join me in welcoming Victoria Sharrock to this edition of Jubilee News!



I was pleased (though somewhat embarrassed) to learn that March is Her Story Month. How fitting a background for the release of a new and improved Jubilee Newsletter. As a man, it is extremely important that I honor women in all that I do. I have made that a way of life having been raised to do so by the awesome examples I was shown by my Mother and Father. Jubilee News is the personification of my parents’ investments. It is an honor to coordinate the contributors (all women) and their work. It is an even bigger honor to provide a platform that enables them to shine artistically. Humbly said, I know my parents would be proud of what this newsletter stands for and of what it has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time.

Ladies! Artists of Jubilee News and readers alike, I salute you for your unyielding efforts and your undying commitment to your families, neighbors, and coworkers. I acknowledge the many, many contributions that you have made that can neither be counted nor believed. This month in particular, we set aside a few minutes to promote you – to appreciate you and to say, WE LOVE YOU. Only a real man (and men) understand and are willing to openly acknowledge that without you, there would be nous. Thank you.

James W. Falcon

Founder, When Men Speak,

Founder & Co-host, When Men Speak-The Radio Edition

Editor-In-Chief, Jubilee News,

Author, When Men Speak: A first step to reconciliation between men & women.


In honor of Her Story Month, enjoy this acrostic poem submitted by God’s Precious Flower (GPF).

Healing, helpful, heartfelt

Effluent, energetic, despite the hand dealt.

Respected, reliable, for me and you

Sensual, sassy, satisfied to…

Tell the truth about her life.

Observed as a daughter, sister, mother, friend, and wife

Remembered always by determination instead of life-length

You’ll never forget her contributions and strength!

Thank you GPF for this all-so-fitting tribute to women!


-James W. Falcon



How important is it for a little girl to have her father in her life? Is a father’s presence that important? What are the benefits of having a solid connection with your Dad? Ladies, follow a fictional character named Blossom as she grapples with these topics in her growth and development from childhood to womanhood in each biweekly addition of Jubilee News. Jubilee News is proud to present another installment from artist-author, Jai-ree, and…

The Daddy PAGES-Part 3

BEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP! (The honking horns of impatient motorists)

Blossom was deeply entrenched in the recollection of one of her Dad’s rescue attempts. About twenty years earlier, Blossom was involved with a man that she absolutely adored. The relationship lasted about a year. But about six months into it, she was horrified to discover that her man had an uncontrollable temper. Out of nowhere, without a trigger, in a simple conversation about dinner plans, he accosted her. The“event” seemed to last forever. And when it was over, Blossom was left bruised and scarred physically as well as emotionally. Thankfully, she screamed loud enough to get the attention of the tenants across the hall in her apartment complex who called the police and relentlessly banged on the door to confirm her status. The tenant, the woman who was daring enough to come to Blossom’s aid, had introduced herself as “Ce-Ce.” Blossom barely spoke to her before the“event.” They occasionally passed each other in the lobby of her building. Sometimes they’d see each other in the elevator and laundry room. They would exchange compliments about their respective attire or accessories but they were not what you might call friends. Yet, she belonged to the “universal sisterhood of women” which prompted her to spring into action. That night, Ce-Ce confirmed her membership in that sisterhood by intervening in one of the most gruesome moments of Blossom’s life. Since the “event,” they have been practically inseparable. Hence, the genesis of the relationship Blossom developed with Celestine Maria Thunder (see last submission) had begun. Wherever one is, the other is never very far away.


As horrible as the “event” was, Blossom allowed her heart to veto her head and in a time frame that was far too short to some and totally unacceptable to others, she reconnected with the ill-tempered fellow. Another six months passed before yet another instance of his uncontrollable temper surfaced. And, the cycle began… Interestingly enough, it was what her Dad did that is the reason Blossom slipped into this comatose-like daydream and trance. Blossom’s Dad had a “conversation” with the young man-a conversation that her Dad never confirmed nor denied. A conversation whose basis only serves as folklore and the stuff legends are made out of. Blossom began to see the connection between her Dad and one of his favorite actors, Clint Eastwood. Apparently, at a time when Blossom’s boyfriend least expected it, Blossom’s Dad met him at his car in an empty parking garage very late one night after his workout. Until that exchange, Dad only had brief, very limited interactions with him. Their interactions afterward were even briefer and rarer. I have never known or heard of my Dad being a violent person. Yet, I have witnessed my Dad’s overzealous protection of my Mom and me on several occasions. Whenever he believes his family or any of its members to be threatened on any level, another side of him emerges-a side that I use to hope and pray (for the sake of the other parties involved) never surfaces again. Over the years, my Dad has had several conversations with would-be offenders which all resulted in the same thing. The offenders would offer an apology and would always keep a fairly healthy distance from us going forward. No one knows what he says to people in those “conversations.” But apparently, it is enough to prompt immediate and long lasting change. My Mom once told a story of a “conversation” my Dad had with a man at a restaurant who winked at her when passing their dinner table. When the man emerged from the restroom, my Dad stood up, all 6’, 3” and 270 lbs worth, and asked the man a few questions aloud then quietly whispered something in his ear as he tightly gripped his arm. Whatever my Dad said, the offender, leaned back and plead his case while nervously mumbling, “Sir, I’ll never do that again. As a matter of fact, you’ll never even see me again. I promise.” That was at least my Mother’s account of the story. Dad was a savvy guy. He could blend if he needed to or could stand out if he had to. But what got me was the wisdom he used to know the difference. You could do anything to the man except…threaten or offend his family and you will fare well. Do the opposite and you’ve just made yourself a candidate for a conversation!

So there he was-a figure that stepped out of the blackness of the parking garage like a Ninja. The full stature of the man himself staring you in your face…nose to nose…eyeball to eye. I remember my boyfriend’s account of the meeting vividly. And I could tell that it wasn’t a good one because my boyfriend never went into any detail…ever…the remainder of our 3 year-on again-off- again relationship. I couldn’t even bribe him to give me details. Instead, my boyfriend would simple say, “Oh nothing, we had a conversation.” Yeah, they conversed alright. After that second conversation, I received a letter in the mail that simply said,“I’m sorry, but I think it best for us to stop seeing each other. I have had a revelation about my behavior and I think it only fitting that I work on ME while I still have breath in my body.” Ironically, the “breathe in my body part” is a favorite saying of my Dad’s. When I attempted to ask my Mother some time later what my Dad said, she simply replied by grabbing me, hugging me gently, and lovingly saying to me, “Sweetheart, the reason I love your Father is because I realized very early on that he would stop at nothing to keep you and me safe. Just know that that man is committed to stopping everything that threatens us.”

HEY LADY…DRIVE ALREADY!!! (Yells an angry motorist)

Blossom awakened from her daydream, mashed the gas pedal while motioning apologetically with her hand to the motorist behind her, and off to her date she drove.

Join us next edition for another installment of…The Daddy Pages.


The Artist’s Showcase is devoted to those artists who have amassed and/or submitted a collection of work. In turn, Jubilee News proudly and thankfully show cases that work in honor of the effort and of the talent of that artist. For the very first Artist’s Showcase, Jubilee News presents the literary mastery of an artist who goes by the penn name of God’s Precious Flower (GPF). Join us in celebration of this artist, her work, her committment to the newsletter, and of this newly created section. Enjoy!


Lullaby and good night

What is his delight?
Does he cry, does he weep
When he goes off to sleep?

Do the pains of the day
Make him ponder or delay
to get the proper rest

toss, turn, query, make requests
that are unbeknownst to him

remain unscathed or lead to sin

Do you think, Lord that it’s true
our days would not be blue
if we walked toward the light
were obedient; instead we fight
with every ounce of energy left

Break us so we can bless
another man, save his soul

higher heights, move toward his goal
despite the pain and strife
to lead a purpose driven life

Lullaby and good night

in the Lord we must delight
Do you have a clue
What He desires of you?
You could obtain so much more
if your knees would hit the floor

God really does care
There is power in prayer
Read the Word and you will find
That when it’s bedtime
Your troubles He will oversee
Make the adversary flee

Look to Him, not to me
Because you do have a choice
take heed to God’s voice
It is strong, yet still and quiet

Open your heart and mind
just try it
you’ve got nothing to lose
there are transforming truths

Lullaby and good night
not much time, get it right
There’s a knock, do you hear it?
open the door to God’s spirit
Close that door to the flesh
He makes it clear, no need to guess

What the good Lord requires
Our works He’ll try with fire
He sent His Son to bleed
So that we would only need
to humble ourselves, confess our sins

Understand? Let me say it again

He sent His Son to bleed
So that we would only need
to humble ourselves, confess our sins
It’s the truth, my wavering friend

Jesus is the life, the truth and way
To end and begin each day
Go to sleep now, get some rest
May God’s peace make you be blessed

-by GPF


When a Man Loves a Woman


When a man loves a woman, she knows it

She doesn’t have to guess, he shows it

In the way that he looks at her, talks to her, strokes her hair

Caters to her needs, compliments what she wears

He notices her, never pretends like she’s not there

When a man loves a woman, he shares how he feels

Tells her his heart’s desire, is genuinely real

About his hopes, his dreams, even his fears

She makes his silence golden when he pulls her near

When a man loves a woman the way the Lord expects

He mirrors Jesus’ strength, seeks to pass every test

He prays with and for her each and every day

He looks into the Word, never walks away

From his responsibility as priest, leader, and guide

In a relationship so special, like Jesus and His bride

Though the enemy tries his hand, a godly man

Is steadfast with his sword, advancing in his faith

Wars cease, traffic stops, oceans roar

When a man loves a woman, you can see it on his face

He feels it in his heart; it’s in his warm embrace

His love is patient, gentle, kind, brotherly, exotic, and true

When a man really loves a woman, he says “I do.”

——–Written by GPF on 8/17/09



written by GPF for the 2nd Edition


What if YOU could have a better life

by walking away from the bitterness and strife

What if YOU bypassed the oppression and pain

In an attempt to regain your domain

As the man God called YOU to be

Obedient to His call, receptive to His love, truly free

Because even if YOU think you’re wise

The ways of man lead to demise

His wicked heart will steal the joy

Of the little boy

Inside his mind’s eye, it seems

Satan’s strongholds choked the dreams

He had for YOU

But it does not end

YOU can begin again

Be reborn, my friend

Refresh, renew the YOU

That’s true

Because if you do

The ONE who

Should be the ONE who could

Love, hope, and be the best for YOU

Will be there, like the glistening sun

At the dawn of day

Will care for YOU

If YOU walk away, from the yesterday

Of those past few years

YOU can release the tears

Rejoice, share laughter

Can YOU hear it?

Hearken, be still

Embrace God’s Spirit



I don’t mean to crush your Spirit

With the wiles of my words

We are two Christians, not the same

My brother, have you heard?

That Jesus has a task for you

He’s calling your name; don’t die

Humble yourself and take up your cross

His will you can’t deny


Fighting me and recognize

The battle that you fight

The devil is hot on our trails

In the Lord you must delight

The prayers of the saints

Have paved the way

For you to make it through

I am a Christian

Who loves the Lord

But I have struggles too.

I am no better than any man

Who’s saved and sanctified

He’s blessed me with a multitude of gifts

And now I must go forth

To use and not be abused

To pray rather than be preyed upon

No longer to embrace

The lust and pestilence

Of weakened flesh and hardened


Of worldliness, carnality

Of angry words, frivolity

The shouts, the cries

The pleas, replies

The wasted time and falsified hope

The inconsistencies

Those domineering ways

Go North, Fly East

Where’s the peace

Of mind

Don’t take my mind


From my duty

My blessing

My calling

We are two Christians, not the same

My brother, have you heard

Choose ye this day

Whom you will serve

Sanctity or pornography

His healing balm or alcohol

In Jesus’ name or a basketball game

PRAYER or that booty over there

Shoot the breeze with the guys

Or God’s prize

Make no mistake

I am a gift

And in no way to reckon with

Filled with the power

As precious as



Copyright 2002, Written by God’s Precious Flower (GPF)

for the 1st Edition

God’s Precious Flower (GPF) is a visual artist, dancer, writer & poet who’s passion preceeds her. She’s a southerner at heart with old fashioned values, lady-like poise and a heart of gold. Join me in thanking GPF for her many contributions to Jubilee News.



Jubilee News wishes to thank:

LaVerna Saunders, Co-Host, WHEN MEN SPEAK-The Radio Edition

GPF, returning artist contributor, Copy/Online Editor of Editions 1, 2 & 3

ATT, returing artist contributor

MJD, returning artist contributor

Victoria Sharrock, new artist contributor

You are each so very talented that we could never justify releasing another edition without at least having your input.



Your support of this newsletter is appreciated. Your input is craved! Drop me a note at wmsjubileenews@gmail.com if you have any questions or comments and I will guarantee you a timely response. Thank you.



James W. Falcon

Editor-In-Chief, Jubilee News



This section presents material provided by Jubilee News after the release of it’s most recent (3rd) Edition. EXTRA, EXTRA! Read all about it!


Where To From Here?

Blackness, darkness, soul-less…chain

Coldness, dampness, mindless…game


Senseless, tasteless, touchless…lame

Compassionless, lifeless, blackness…same


Nowhere to go-there’s nowhere to hide

Deeper and further in, on a slippery slope I slide


Blissless, meaningless, countless…days

Alcohol-less, drugless, pill-less…haze


You need help, a friend, a partner at least my dear

Would love to go with you, but where to from here?


Rankless, questionless, purposeless,…stank

Wisdomless? Thankless, harmless…prank


Heartless, courageless, visionless…gaze

Soundless, directionless, lightless…maze


There are only a few places to run, yet nowhere to hide

Deeper and further in, on a slippery slope I slide


Say you’d like to forge forward, without fear

Not like a crippled soldier bringing up the rear

But strong and confident is how you’d like to appear

“I hear ya,” said the cabbie, but…exactly…where to from here?

by James W. Falcon,

Founder & Editor-In-Chief, Jubilee News


That concludes the 3rd Edition of Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication. Join us for the next edition and updates.  We thank you for your time. We look forward to your continued partnership as we fully intend to…spark a relationship revolution!!!  You made us popular.  Now, it’s our turn to make you proud.  Take care in your travels.


By women, for women with an extraordinary passion to strengthen male-female relationships.

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