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For this 5th Edition, I want to express my thanks and appreciation for your support as well as to invite you to continue to journey with us to positively impact male-female relationships.  Ten weeks ago, we blasted out of the starting blocks with a message of encouragement to strengthen male-female relationships.  By God’s grace, a group of the most talented contributors on the face of planet are still hard at work writing, posting columns and poems.  Our gaze continues to be fixed on sparking a relationship revolution.  But, our aspirations have broadened.  We now realize that we are also poised to make an indelible impression on humanity as a whole.  And, in pursuit of that we will be submitting our publication to a number of Blog Award Companies-not for validation, but in recognition of the issues and perils with which male-female relationships (and ultimately families, communities, and the next generations) are faced.  We believed 10 weeks ago that we were embarking on a unique mission.  The uniqueness of that mission screams and shouts for attention.  Partly because the issues we are addressing are so weighty and partly because a clarion call needs to be issued to invite others to join in the fight against fatigue, boredom, insensitivity, infidelity, misplaced priorities, taking loved ones for granted, and a myriad of other ailments that surface as the reasons why “we” fall out of love and ultimately why male-female relationships disintegrate and leave an all-but-too-visible pile of emotional rubble in their wakes.  The mere fact that all of these issues and many more are being addressed by women, for the benefit of women is unique in and of itself.  But to have the passion and caliber of the writers we’ve gathered adds an additional dimension-one that should beg the question in the minds of any persons who may be affected: how can I become a co-laborer and co-investor in this process?  So, stay with us as we move around the track, navigate through the obstacles and challenges, and execute baton pass after baton pass in route to the goal.  Enjoy the 5th Edition.

-James W. Falcon

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Jubilee News celebrates the arrival of yet another powerful voice of change to the team. Like a missionary heralding the Gospel to those who have never heard it, Michelle Pringle, is revealing the loving kindness of her God to those who have been cut up, cut out, and cut off by church groups and family members because of their actions. Michelle not only conveys a message of hope, but one of healing for all women, no matter the circumstances in which they may find themselves. Join us in welcoming this vibrant and passionate speaker and columnist as she delivers the introductory installment in a life changing series entitled:

“The Story of Tamar: The Heart, the Hurt and the Healing of a Whore”!!!

I know what they say about you but, that, my friend, is not who you are! While you may be guilty of doing“it”-whatever your “it” may be, you are not “IT”. While you may have slept around, you are not a slut, circumstantial events may have presented a door that caused you to sleep on the integrity that is instilled in your inward parts, but you are not altogether dishonest. While survival of the fittest may have enticed you to make decisions that were unfit for a person of your caliber, you are not that design. You are not sin. You are not destitute. You are not cursed. You are not unlovable. While you are far from perfect, you are the Lords present for such a time as this!

Despite ethnicity, socioeconomic, denomination or political beliefs, I believe we all can agree that one of the most irritating things in life is to have someone call you out of your name. More likely than admitted, words can indeed bruise the spirit of a person, to degrees that a physical attack could never penetrate. Vaseline, the removal of earrings, the gearing up with fighting clothes or the adrenaline stemming from a crowd cheering you on, none of these are are enough to ensure victory in verbal conflicts. Hence, the reason that it is important to mind the things that we say to others, as well as, mind the things that we take in from others.

I can recall a time in my youth where a young lady suggested that I would never be good enough to be with her man. For years, I didn’t act in a manner to try to prove her wrong. I was hurt. My esteem was hurt. I was innocent and was rebuked by pastoral leadership and found myself in a war that I didn’t know I was signed up for. I had no voice. I had no choice. I did, however, have a bruised identity. (If you all stick with me, we may be able to do a series on the pangs of being dropped by leaders who are, idealistically supposed to protect you!!!) Although, I continued on in life, I realized that a pain ignored is not a pain eradicated. Years later, and for years, I engaged in as inappropriate relationship with this young man. Unbeknownst to me, it took years to be released from a web that I created because of seeds sown into my garden of life. Verbal attacks are so powerful that if we are not careful, there may have been words spoken over you that are eating you up from the inside out! It was not until I woke up and was touched by the Lord that I realized that my stony heart didn’t allow me to feel remorse, because, just as she attempted to discount me with words, immature pain spilled over into adulthood. While the young lady moved on with her life and was growing her family, I was playing with the same seeds, from our past, which allowed me to discount and dehumanize her. She was no longer a person; rather, she became the face of pain. And, every chance afforded, I chose to sow seeds of destruction. Thank God for Redemption!

Unfortunately, when God forgives our sin, and doesn’t handle us according to our iniquities, triumphed over the law, which was destined to kill us, people will sometimes associate and mix up who you are with that which you’ve done. For instance, in the above mentioned story, am in no way cheering on sin. I committed adultery, but, I’m not adultery. I’ve committed fornication, but, I am not fornication. I’m sure some of you would like to know the difference between the two, and I’m so glad you asked!!! These things do not hold me captive and are not active ingredients in the makeup of my being. Repentance mandates forgiveness and the turning away from sin by the sinner. It does not matter, what you have done, I’ve got jubilee news just for you! The PSA reads: There is yet a Balm in Gilead who delights in piecing you back together while obliging pain to pay you back!!!

For the next few weeks we will be offering articles from a series I’ve been working on called, “The Story of Tamar: The Heart, the Hurt and the Healing of a Whore”!!! Genesis 38 and 2 Samuel 13 both chronicle stories of two women who have the same name, struggled with similar situation, both living patriarchial infrastructures that were debased, degraded, and even dehumanized women. Both stories serve as the perfect depiction of how the despair of injustice and inappropriate treatment is difficult to bare and is often the product of broken promises, deception, and immortality. These narratives will serve as a backdrop that undoubtedly illustrates that one heart wrenching pangs of physical and verbal attach is that gains momentum by inflicting great hardship on those who have no voice or choice.

I beseech you Beloved, please journey with me during the next 3 editions as we will be reminded of our identity, worth and promises of the Lord, for those of us who should have perished in the last attack. The goal of the series is not to point fingers, rather, to identify and admit vicious cycles, comprise a list of possible solutions and to be forerunners for women to come. Join me in encouraging and equipping those who have no voice, no choice and no identity. Soren Kierkegaard advises, “The Tyrant dies and his rule is over, the Martyr dies and his Rule Begins.” —

Until we meet again, please think on these things:


1O Lord, You have searched me and known me.

You know my sitting down and my rising up;

You understand my thought afar off.

You comprehend my path and my lying down,

And are acquainted with all my ways.

Forthere is not a word on my tongue,

But behold, O Lord, You know it altogether.

You have hedged me behind and before,

And laid Your hand upon me.

Suchknowledge is too wonderful for me;

It is high, I cannot attain it.

Where can I go from Your Spirit?

Or where can I flee from Your presence?

If I ascend into heaven, You are there;

If I make my bed in hell, behold, You are there.

IfI take the wings of the morning,

And dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea,

10 Even there Your hand shall lead me,

And Your right hand shall hold me.

11 If I say, “Surely the darkness shall fall[a] on me,”

Even the night shall be light about me;

12 Indeed, the darkness shall not hide from You,

But the night shines as the day;

The darkness and the light are both alike to You.

13 For You formed my inward parts;

You covered me in my mother’s womb.

14 I will praise You, for I am fearfully andwonderfully made;[b]

Marvelous are Your works,

And that my soul knows very well.

15 My frame was not hidden from You,

When I was made in secret,

And skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.

16 Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.

And in Your book they all were written,

The days fashioned for me,

When as yet there were none of them.

17 How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God!

How great is the sum of them!

18 IfI should count them, they would be more in number than the sand;

When I awake, I am still with You.

19 Oh, that You would slay the wicked, O God!

Depart from me, therefore, you bloodthirsty men.

20 For they speak against You wickedly;

Your enemies take Your name in vain.[c]
21 Do I not hate them, O Lord, who hate You?

And do I not loathe those who rise up against You?

22 I hate them with perfect hatred;

I count them my enemies.

23 Search me, O God, and know my heart;

Try me, and know my anxieties;

24 And see if there is any wicked way in me,

And lead me in the way everlasting.



The Madonna Effect

by Dr. Ann

Ladies you have seen this woman in the board room. She is classy. Her suit is sharply cut like a Giorgio Armani suit of Armor. She has all the appropriate letters behind her name. She comfortably moves within differing social circles. Behind her Madonna smile, women have difficulty figuring out her essence. What is it that draws men to her like the strongest of magnets. Like the Hollywood starlets she may have had multiple engagements or even several marriages yet still remains very desirable.

All the outward appearances would seem to suggest that she has it ALL. A closer look would shine light on the fact that the one area that she has difficulty in is in the matters of the heart. Quite possibly the skills that it takes to be successful in the boardroom/business realm are counterproductive to the maintenance of a relationship.  Women who operate under the Madonna effect are successful at attracting the opposite sex because attraction in general is a skill that serves her very well in her career. However, she doesn’t appear to be able to maintain intimate relationships due to one or more reasons but the most damaging and easily fixed problem is her Communication Style.

Communication styles. In a typical business there is a set hierarchy which drives communication styles. Which there are successful businesses that operate under a democratic or chaotic (no organized structure) structure; most businesses operate in s system where Managers use directive language to ensure that tasks are completed. In a toxic relationship, “Miss Madonna” may use language that is not only directive but may be bordering on abusive. Clearly recognized abusive statements I have heard directed at spouses are: “You are so weak”. “I don’t know why I even married you”. “You will never be as smart/rich/ as good as my ex”. “My father would never do things the way you do”.

The Dr. suggests that you stop and think before speaking. Review the Company’s (Your marriage) goals. When asked, overwhelmingly couple’s state the goal at the start of the marriage is to be married, “until death do us part”. If this is the case communication between partners must work towards the goal of keeping the unit together. Steven Covey gave great advice in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People which can be applied to all interpersonal relationships. Of the 7 Habits, Habits 2, 4, and 5 appear to be the minimum required habits that help with addressing the negativity that goes along with the Madonna Effect.

  • Habit 2: Begin With The End in Mind. In the case of marriages, the End refers to the preservation of the marital relationship. If one of the goals in the marriage is harmony and closeness then there must be a mission statement that values unity. Each person in this relationship must be aware of and work towards the marital goals.
  • Habit 3:  Think Win-Win. By making an effort to always ensure that each person gets his/her needs met the relationship will be one that has an air of cooperativeness and should not suffer the ravages of one that is fraught with competitiveness.
  • Habit 5: Seek First to Understand. Then to be Understood. Often important parts of communication are lost because most people, “Listen with the intent to respond instead of listening with the intent to understand” (Covey, 1998).

The three steps described above should go a long way in assisting our fellow sister           “Madonnas” to apply her business strength for positive communication and greater success in her intimate relationships.

Covey, S. R. (1998). The 7 habits of highly effective people: Restoring the character ethic. New York: Free Press



The Artist’s Corner I is the section of the newsletter devoted entirely to those expressive women who have submitted their work to Jubilee News as a poem or spoken word. Jubilee News is proud to have counted among its ranks, a wordsmith and poem as talented as the one known by her Pen Name as MJD.  Literary power at its finest!


You Mister, Are Not Needed

by MJD

When did you decide to let go of your pride

To act like you are misguided and choose a life that’s jaded?

When did you conclude that it’s okay to be rude?

To call women out of their name and be proud instead of feeling shame

Why was it okay to talk to your lady in such a way

that destroyed her loving heart, and left an indelible mark of pain?

How could you mistake the love she gave as a weakness

to be abused?

She isn’t there just for you to use!

Mister, who are you?  Not the man your mother raised.

She wanted you to love, honor and keep but instead,

You think it’s cool to keep your woman crying at your feet

Mister who are you?  Just go on about your way.

Denying yourself of love and dying everyday.

You think you’ve got us fooled, but we see clearly who you are.

You’re scared from your own abuse and petrified of being you.

A man with pride and dignity, who loves his woman right?  It’s not popular these days so you succumb to that inferior plight.

The one society designed, to keep your mind entwined with rage.

Unfortunately instead of being a man, Mister…you are still a slave.

MJD is a native of New Jersey who possesses a unique perspective on life, love, & relationships. MJD credits her principles and values to the unyielding influence of her Mother & Father and others she had in her upbringing. In addition to poetry, she is a culinary wizard and business owner. Join me in expressing our sincerest appreciation to MJD for her contribution to Jubilee News.



“The Funny Bone” is Jubilee News’ comic strip. We value love AND laughter, so check out the posts below and…get your laugh on!

Cause of Death

A Physician recently completed a death notice with the following information:



Sick Leave

I urgently needed a few days off work, but, I knew the Boss would not allow me to take a leave.

I thought that maybe if I acted ‘Crazy’ then he would tell me to take a few days off.

So I hung upside-down on the ceiling and made funny noises.

My co-worker asked me what I was doing.

I told her that I was pretending to be a light bulb so that the Boss would think I was ‘Crazy’ and give me a few days off.

A few minutes later the Boss came into the office and asked, ‘What in the name of good GOD are you doing?’

I told him I was a light bulb.

He said, ‘You are clearly stressed out.’ Go home and recuperate for a couple of days.’

I jumped down and walked out of the office…

When my co-worker followed me, the Boss asked her, ‘..And where do you think you’re going?!’

(You’re gonna love this….)

She said, ‘I’m going home, too. I can’t work in the dark.

Source: http://forums.bigfishgames.com/posts/list/29367.page



What follows is an insert fittingly published in honor of all Mommies on Mother’s Day.  Several of our very own artists offered submissions-each provided a unique contribution on the topic.  Enjoy Jubilee News salute entitled: IN CELEBRATION OF MOTHER’S DAY.

Ode to Our Mother

by Michael L. Myles & James W. Falcon5.2

She stood about 6 feet tall, maybe 6″ 1′ in her prime. She was a woman who had experienced many a heartache, tragedy, and unbearable pain. She lived through some terribly tough times, rejection, and disappointment. [photo: Ma at Family Reunion Banquet, approx. 1989, gettin’ her laugh on!] Yet she had a hardy laugh that she was always ready and willing to burst into, as the time and circumstances permitted. She loved to gather with family and hear the stories told by some of our family’s finest communicators: our Dad, my Brother, and a host of Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.

5.3She was born Ethel Bernice Gault, on October 25, 1926-one of 15 children born to a couple who called home South Carolina, then North Carolina, then Washington, D. C., before finally settling in Baltimore, Maryland. [photo: Ma home relaxing in her living room. A favorite past time.] She was passionate about her family and spent many hours and shed many tears in their aid and even in their defense. She was a wizard with a pencil and piece of paper and encouraged both of her sons to emulate her attention to detail and her dutiful execution as the family’s book keeper and bill payer. My brother, Michael, most certainly exhibits that trait more than I do. And most importantly, our Mother was the epitome of great power under control. For it was rare that she ever lost her cool. But when and if she did, someone, somewhere had hell to pay. My brother and I often recount the number of times during our upbringing that she looked us squarely in the eye and told us, without flinching or hesitating, “Don’t think you’ve gotten too tall for me to knock you down.” Words, she uttered like Clint Eastwood, that ring loudly now as if just uttered. But, words that we had no choice but to take to heart. Yup! We knew she would deliver on that promise so we did our best to live in such a way to avoid testing the validity of that statement.

Her day started at 3am with the full tilt clamor of pots and pans; the thump of moving 5.4furniture; the smell of fresh paint; the sizzle of bacon or the whistle of the pressure cooker. Yes, Ma was always in full swing long before anyone else got up. [photo: “Big Bruh,” my brother Michael (left); Ma (center); and some poor soul they had mercy on along the way (right). My High School graduation, 1988.] That early in the morning, she always had some kind of project going in the house while preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner-all at the some time. The word lazy was not a word or a concept Ma ever stopped to consider partly because…she never stopped. She was always moving toward some goal or working toward the completion of some end. If it had to be done, she did it and the product was of excellence. Ma seems to do so much on so very little sleep. (That is definitely why and how my Brother and I can function so well around the clock. And that is undoubtedly why my day typically starts at 3am.) No, lazy was never a concept of consideration because commitment was primary and the two could never-would never coincide in Ma’s world.

5.5A woman like this should be called, “Your Heiress,” “Empress,” “My Lady,” or something royal-something with a lot of pomp and circumstance attached to it. [photo: “Aunt Grandma”-Ilease (far left); Aunt Adell (left); Uncle “June”-Daniel (center);Ma (right). Somebody left this group unattended! And is it just me, or does Ma look like the get-away driver? Never knew what was really going on in this picture, but it looked like trouble to me 🙂 ]. Instead, my Brother Michael and I simply and fittingly called her, “Ma.” Ma was an amazing individual. She believed if you were going to commit to anything, your all was the minimum requirement. When she could have demanded more from us or even of herself, Ma took great pride in making an honest living and at working diligently to execute the best plan. More than the verbal lessons, the nonverbal lessons really carried the impact. She lived and modeled what she required of my brother and I. But the quality I remember Ma having the most of was compassion. She had an extraordinary capacity for people who were challenged; for addicts, for drunks, for the elderly; for infants and children of all ages. When a cousin burnt down his house, our Mother hid him from the wrath of many angry family members. She was especially touched by persons society deemed as failures. She never tired of helping, of cooking, nor of encouraging. For she had a strong my mid range voice that oozed with godly care and concern. She was a woman of great wisdom as many family members sought her approval for various matters in their lives. She was the embodiment of the “Industrious Woman” depicted in chapter 31 of the Old Testament book of Proverbs. She was always moving, always doing, always providing.

In mid 2010, Ma’s health was failing and the doctors informed my brother and I to expect her to pass shortly after she was transferred to hospice care. And true to form, Ma held on for several more days. She was decidedly stubborn if she needed to be but always for the purpose of helping others. And during that time, it helped greatly to have with us just a few more days.

On August 2010, my Brother Michael and I laid to rest a true American Hero- our Ma. She lived as large in her aid of others as she was in stature. For her life, love, laugh, and legacy, my Brother and I are truly, truly thankful. It would do my Brother and I well, if we could become a fraction of the person our Mother was and we shall pass along her story like the cowboys of the old west did of legends and heroes of their day beginning today with this, Ode To Our Mother.


Letter to Mother

Did you ever know that you’re my hero?

Those are the words to one of my favorite songs that most appropriately sums up my 5.6thoughts and feelings towards you. As an adult I am in a wonderful club of women who sit around the water cooler at the job and laugh about what it was like to have grown up the daughter of a Nurse. We all were very much aware of more medical terms than we could dream possible. Because of you and the other Mother Nurses, the spirit to help others is embedded seamlessly into us as if it were part of our DNA.

As a mother you have always supported the dreams of me and my brothers. You even gave us a starting point for our futures in that upon graduation from high school we had to choose either Option 1: Go away to college or Option 2: Join the military.

5.7We share a wonderful love for laughter, traveling (especially cruises), and casinos. But I think you go above and beyond in the areas of support. When I told you I wanted to get my Masters you told me you were going to get your AS degree in Nursing and become an RN. We worked full time jobs and went to school at night and on weekends.. but we did it together.

Last August I told you I needed to lose weight and you did it with5.8 me. We’re not perfect but we are more than 25 pounds lighter than we were back then. Each and every day you continue to both support, pray, and will me to be a better woman. For all the wonderful things you are and all that you do. I am so glad God chose you especially to be my mother.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!



Special Tribute to Mom (Queen Mother – Elizabeth Kemp)

Our Mom, Elizabeth Kemp, was the most inspiring rock of the family. Her love for life was extraordinary and immeasurable, for she truly lived life to the fullest. She loved cooking, shopping, plants, traveling, family gatherings, and plain ole fun – yet most of all she always cherished her family. Her positive faith and spirit was the true testament of her strength.

She raised three beautiful daughters. Each was blessed with her spiritual upbringing and embraced with her unconditional love.

In November 2011 our mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and in 2012 she endured chemo and radiation treatments. Even at the age of 78 she was still a trooper despite the physical challenges she faced that were the result of from chemical agents and side affects. When our mom’s health started to decline, it was the most agonizing and heartbreaking experience of our lives. However, we never gave up hope for God was the source of our strength as we exhausted every avenue to try to combat this terminal illness. We remained by her side throughout her illness, lifting her in prayer, including countless hours of support, numerous doctors appointments, overnight hospital stays, managing her medications, and seeking home care services. No stone was left unturned.

As a loving and courageous mother, she always instilled the family values to pray together and stay together. In trying to manage our mom’s health situation, it became more devastating when we were faced with more adversities that changed our world forever. On August 23, 2012, our mom was called home to Glory. Although it has been extremely difficult as we miss her so dearly, we know that healing comes one day at a time. However, as we have always been a small but close family, we have become even closer. We are so thankful for such a phenomenal mother who was the queen of everything. In addition to being a great mom, she was a loving wife, exceptional grandmother and an incredible inspiration to all.

Therefore, as 3 sisters we have become ambassadors to support each other to help build faith and strength, just as our mom would want us. Now we are currently care takers for our dad who has liver cancer. While we remain focus on his health care and well being we also know that through Christ we can do all things possible.

Sometimes the most challenging situations can easily pull a family apart, but with an abundance of love, prayer and faith, it keeps all things connected from the heart.

The heartfelt love for our beautiful Mom will last forever. For those she loved and the lives she touched, we shall be encouraged to celebrate the wonderful life she lived and to keep the spirit of her legacy throughout all family generations.

We shall treasure the precious memories of our Mother. And for women we’ve become…the family we’ve become, we owe to our Mom. On this Mother’s Day, we love, honor and dedicate our lives to your lasting legacy.

We Honor and salute our Queen Mother: Elizabeth Kemp. May you be forever blessed in heaven above.


Lovingly submitted,

Diane Wallace

Karen Edwards

Yvette Harvey

A Mother’s Day Tribute

Our Mother’s voice was forever strong

Her words of wisdom will always carry on

Our Mother’s love was a heart of gold

The foundation she provided will never unfold

Our Mothers pride was her family

The love she shared unconditionally

Our Mother’s absence has been a void in our heart

But the love we have will never part.


A Mother’s Day Tribute

Many of us think of our mothers as amazing women, seemingly able to do it all. I know for fact that mine consistently put the needs of others ahead of hers, regardless of what she was experiencing. My mom went on to be with the Lord in the summer of 1988. Though her life probably should have ended sooner due to medical issues, she was spared by God’s grace to see me and my brother into adulthood. As I celebrate this Mother’s Day, I can only hope she is pleased with the mother I have become. This is in tribute to my dear mother, Magnolia Mercedes Bradford.

My mom was the oldest of eleven children. She learned responsibility at a very early age assisting with her seven sisters and three brothers. When she and my father married, she became an Army wife. I know she managed her home and children well because of her upbringing in a large family. Two children must have been a walk in the park for her!

Struggling with different illnesses throughout my childhood, she never let it get the best5.9 of her. In fact, breast cancer tried to take her from us in 1976, but she said no. She survived major surgery and dealt with the challenges associated with it. Eventually, she shared what she asked God. “Spare my life to see my children grow up.” Through it all, I learned more about faith in God, trusting Him to see us through.

Our achievements brought Mom so much joy. As we prepared for my brother’s graduation from college, we learned that she had breast cancer again. She had been in remission for ten years. Instead of focusing on this second diagnosis, she prepared her recovery plan so she could travel for graduation. I came home from college to help her as she recovered. Needless to say, we attended and celebrated my brother’s graduation as a family.

Upon learning she was terminally ill, my mother worked at maintaining normalcy and remaining available for the family.I clearly remember this conversation when she was hospitalized just weeks before her death. She suggested what I should prepare for dinner and where to find a few pre-cooked items in the deep freezer. Her focus was not on illness but on caring for her family even from her hospital bed.

I accepted her suggestions because it gave her peace of mind. My mom taught valuable lessons right to the very end. She welcomed many visitors who would pray with her. It was evident that her faith in God never weakened the way her physical body did. She could not control the physical, but her spirit was full of joy. I thank God that her mind was not affected by this whole ordeal. What I learned in those final weeks would only make sense later into adulthood.

Our sweet Magnolia is no longer with us, but her spirit lives on. I thank God for blessing us with her love and example.

Lovingly submitted by,

Sharon M. Finney



What follows is the result of a poetry competition held at the Academy for College and5.10 Career Exploration (ACCE) High School. This effort was spearheaded by a teacher, Jubilee News’ very own-a writer who goes by the pen name, God’s Precious Flower. She, along with several of her colleagues promoted the competition amongst their students, organized & sifted through the submissions, and determined the finalists. Jubilee News proudly presents the work of those finalists here in our newsletter in honor of Mother’s Day. Join me in congratulating the Principal, the teachers, and the students of ACCE for their diligence and their contributions to Jubilee News.

S-My mother is STRONG mentally and physically…….

T-My mother TEACHES me right from wrong so that I can lean from her mistakes…..

R-My Mother has a RADIANT smile that is just brilliant, I love to see her happy….

O-My mother is very ORGANIZED when it comes to important things…..

N-My mother is like a NUBIAN princess……

G-My mother is very GENEROUS to me…..


Written by Jourdan Brown – 2nd place


A Letter to My Mother

Brittany Fisher

Thank you for always being there for me

For being the first person I see in the morning

And the last person when I go to sleep

You create miracles and make my world round

Whoever said men can’t be mothers

They haven’t met mine.


A Poem for Mom5.11

Written by Thomas Mathews

Makes me happy

Opens the door with a smile

Magnificent and delicious meals


Mother’s Day

By Marquetta Roberts

Oh Mother,

Even though you did not bring me into this world,

You took me as if I was one of your own,

You shelter me with your love and care,

As I grew,

You molded me,

Molded me in the shape of a woman,

A woman who is strong, beautiful, and independent,

Who is the young lady that I am today,

The woman I will be tomorrow,

The mother I will be in the future,

That is the reason I am proud to call you my MOTHER,



Everything Mom

How did you find the energy, Mom?

To do all the things you did

To be teacher, nurse, and counselor

To me, when I was a kid

How did you do it all, Mom?

Be a cook and friend

Yet find time to be a playmate

Could you do it over again?

I see now it was love, Mom

That made you come whenever I’d call

Your love, Mom

And I thank you for it all!

Written by Shakira Howard (3rd place)


Being my greatest support system when I’m low

Even when you’re down you go with the flow

A smart and independent woman never to fall flat on the ground

Unknowledgeable of the obstacles that are around

There’s nobody else that could take your place

If there was a contest, you’d win the race.

Forgiving and loving you are my heart

Understanding your ways has made me appreciate you from the start

Loving and caring for you, mom, is the best part


Written by Torvelle Johnson – 1st place


For My Sister5.15







Written by Marquis Smith



Jubilee News extends a special note of thanks to the following persons for their individual contributions to the Mother’s Day Poetry Contest.

Principal & Staff

Ms. Quinhon Goodlowe, Principal

Ms. Redding-Parris, Director



Ms. SyPiecco

Mr. Batts

Ms. Branch

Ms. Henderson

Ms. Ophelia Wilson

Ms. Emily Wilson

Ms. Sterrett

Ms. Marouani

Ms. Mathew


Student Finalists5.18

Torvelle Johnson – 1st place

Jourdan Brown – 2nd place

Shakira Howard – 3rd place

Thomas Mathews – Honorable Mention (HM)

Marquetta Roberts – HM

Brittany Fisher – HM

Marquis Smith – HM


Each of you did an amazing job with your poetry submissions! You are all winners in my book! You are winners because you set out to accomplish something and you did just that. Your success was not an accident. Your determination, your studiousness, your literary skill, and a lot of God’s grace enabled you to race toward the goal and cross the finish line. Allow the instruction you’ve been given at ACCE and the results of this poetry competition to serve as a reminder for yourselves and a notice to all that nothing can stop a determined, passionate person. Apply the same degree of energy and effort to life as you did to the poetry competition, and success is certain to follow and overtake you wherever you go. Take it from me-a scrawny kid who grew up on the eastside of Baltimore. 🙂 Greatness is in your future!!!

And to Jubilee News’ Staff Writer, God’s Precious Flower (Ms. Branch), I would like to personally thank you for providing an extraordinary opportunity to so many people, and namely to Jubilee News. You have contributed enough effort to fill three life times. Continued success to all!!!


James W. Falcon,

Editor-In-Chief, Jubilee News.


Hearts to my Godmom, Mrs Yolanda Sylvia Hollis!!!5.19

You truly exemplify the term God Mother. Thank you for allowing the LORD to use you in an ongoing effort to nurture the God in me!

I love you ALWAYS, Gorgeous!





This section of the newsletter will present topics in a very sobering, straightforward approach designed to shock & stun both men and women back to honesty with, first: themselves; and then with each other. Do more than enjoy this as good reading. Put this information to use and enjoy the return on your investment. Jubilee News presents another challenging submission from The Memoirs of A Lady.

RESPECT: Ladies, are you killing your mate?

I was recently in conversation with a gentleman. He’s divorced, has two little children. He was on vacation with his ex-wife. So, curious me, you can go on vacation with your children and ex-wife? Why can’t you’ll get back together? He made reference to “her mouth”. He said, “Every time we’re together, after a while I’m reminded of her mouth. I can’t take it.”

This reminded me of a women’s meeting I attended. The guest speakers were a married couple, husband and wife for 10 years. I will never forget when the husband said, “If my wife didn’t change the way she speaks to me, we would be divorced.”

Ladies, life and death lie in the power of the tongue, are you killing your husband? Do you speak to him in such a way that is degrading, demeaning, like he’s one of the children? Do you embarrass him in public? Do you embarrass him behind closed doors? Do you value and uphold him as a man? Do you recognize and show appreciation for his efforts to do what’s right?

I asked another gentleman, “What is respect for a man?” He had this to say:

“Respect is huge for us men! It means acknowledging our contributions,  whatever amount of money we make, etc. Respect is conveying to us how valuable we are to you.”

Let’s  exam this issue. Many of you are heading towards divorce court as we speak. You have no clue what landed you there. You’re baffled as to why he would want to leave you. Let’s talk about it, men how can we improve in this area? What can we learn from you to make things better? Ladies, does this sound like you? Do you have a testimony you would like to share to enlighten another sister?

Jubilee News is a When Men Speak publication. Join us on Facebook, this newsletter and radio talk blog as we explore this topic, which is a crisis to the married community as well as any relationship which is seeking to be healthy and whole.


Memoirs of a Lady



Did you know that Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication now has it’s own Facebook page? We didn’t think so, so we wanted to be sure to convey the good news. J Not only is a Facebook page, but it is an interactive forum for you to comment on the articles you read. Post your comments or offer critique on any of the content of the newsletter. Also feel free to take advantage of a special feature we’ve made available called, “Ask Dr. Ann.” Engage Dr. Ann, Jubilee News’ very own resident relationship expert and licensed counselor.

Whatever your needs, Jubilee News is aspiring to develop the best responses to your individual needs. And we certainly hope our Facebook page can considerably close the gap between your inquiries and your success!




This section of the newsletter will present the sentiments of men as they wrestle with the many issues that cloud their minds in their attempts to understand the women in their lives. The comments will be drawn from a pool of men who have voiced their concerns about a number of issues they have faced/are facing in their relationships. Men, whose concerns are so weighty, that they haven’t yet figured out how to communicate them without irreparably damaging the fabric of their relationships. Men who are at wits end who have strongly considered other options yet for love sake, have decided to try an unconventional means of expression in the hope of saving themselves AND their relationships. This column is the voice of tired, battle weary, men who have come to the realization that the women in their lives offer so much more than their “man-caves” could ever provide. Men who desperately want to reconnect or connect on a much deeper level with the women in their lives. Jubilee News celebrates the maiden voyage of…


From the Journal of Angry Men Everywhere

I don’t know whether to address just one of you or all of you. But, I can tell you…I’m pissed! And do you know why? Do you? I’m pissed because I’ve been a descent man to you. I have tried to be sensitive to your needs and to our needs as a couple. I mean…I am certainly no angel! Nor am I a devil. I have honored you and respected you in private and in public! I’ve worked hard for us…for you…by providing the essentials and the little extras. So before I launch into my concerns, I want to first explain why I chose to deal with this, this way. I have attempted to talk to you multiple times over the past several years but for whatever reason, you just don’t get it! You nod your head and you say you understand but nothing ever changes. You only seem to be attentive to my concerns while we are talking. But after that, you turn me off, again! And I am tired of it! I’m sorry that I know it seems like I am always angry, but how many times do I have to present the same concerns over and over without a response or resolve?

I don’t like the way you talk to me. I don’t understand why you treat me like one of the kids. Your tone is condescending. You talk to me frequently through clinched teeth and never seem to have any patience in dealing with me. What happened? What did I do to deserve this kind of treatment? Each time I’ve offered to help you, tried to understand life from your perspective, you push me away. So, you don’t seem like you want my help with whatever is bothering you and you aren’t there for me for my issues. I don’t know what’s happened to us but I can tell you, I don’t know what else to do or say at this point. You seem like you are miserable in this relationship. And it comes across as anger, aggression, overly harsh ridicule in front of the children and in front of our friends. I don’t know what’s going on, but I feel I deserve to at least be treated with respect. I’m sorry, but I can’t do us any longer in this condition.


Punked, but now packed.



Women!  Where has that longing for your man gone?  Have you allowed the cares of the day and the concerns of the week to strangle your need for closeness; your desire to hear from him, to be close to him, to hold his hand, to expect his arms and only his arms to comfort you?  Well…I certainly hope not but life has a way of robbing us of the special things and diminishing the value of those things which we hold nearest and dearest.  And, before you know it, a change occurs but by then, it’s too late.  Here’s a poem I wrote recently that conveys this sentiment from a male to female point of view.  See if it relates.  Enjoy.

I Owe You A View of the Harbor Lights
by James W. Falcon

I owe you a view of the harbor lights
The sounds, the smells, and all the sights
Not as a make up after arguments or fights

Or after arduous days or impetuous nights
But a way to take the sting out of the week’s bites

To loose the grip of financial tights

A get away, a release like soaring kites

A charge in battle like the templar knights

It’s your due, our due-our civil rights

STOP! Wait…no more fights

Instead, let’s pretend to be tourists, take in the sights

And let’s do it a few times, over the course of several nights

We can even climb Federal Hill and the many flights

Of steps as we ascend with all our might

For I long to see the softness of your gorgeous face under the moon, the stars, and dimmer lights

To laugh with you, to cry with you and to say…I am so sorry. Please allow one more outing because…

There’s no doubt that I owe you AND I owe me…

One last view of the harbor lights



How important is it for a little girl to have her father in her life? Is a father’s presence that important? What are the benefits of having a solid connection with your Dad? Ladies, follow a fictional character named Blossom as she grapples with these topics in her growth and development from childhood to womanhood in each biweekly addition of Jubilee News. Jubilee News is proud to present the work of a Baltimore native; artist-author, Jai-ree. Enjoy the 4th installment of…

The Daddy Pages

by Jai-ree

“Baby Girl,” my Daddy said as he prepared to deliver an extremely weighty message with as much love and tenderness as he could muster.  “On the day that I die, don’t you dare be sad or grief stricken.  Know with a certainly that while I was alive, you treated me with the upmost respect and you made the most of our relationship.  If on the day of my death you can say that, there will no need for tears-only celebration.  As I take my rest, you can also rest in knowing that there are no outstanding issues between us.  In that day, I will be celebrating being at home with the LORD.  And you and everyone else should be celebrating the times we shared.  Death awaits us all Princess-every one of us!  The question is: what condition will we be in when our number is called?”

This was one of many conversations Daddy had with me about his death.  I hated them because I felt no child should have to be forced to think of such a gruesome time.  He started having these talks when I was about 9 years old.  I remember thinking, a 9 year old should only be concerned about school and making friends and how her hair looks and whether or not she’s accepted by her peers.  Not about the day her Daddy dies!  Those talks were loathsome, heart wrenching, and heavy.  I remember crying after the first few because I never wanted to picture a world without my Daddy in it.  But as I grew older, I remember realizing that that was just the point-just the mindset that my Daddy wanted me to develop: one day, whether I am ready or not, it’s going to happen…he’s going to draw his last breath.  And I will HAVE TO live in a world without him.  He has been preparing me for that day-the most difficult day I can image-to successfully navigate through the obstacles and challenges.  When I figured it out, I stopped loathing those talks.  Instead, I saw my Daddy’s heart…and I mean I really saw it.  I could suddenly understand the depth of his love.  It made since.  This man I called Daddy loves me so much that he is even preparing me to live without him.  He is equipping me for the day will most certainly be my toughest and he wants me to be as successful as handling his death as I have been with every other challenged I faced.  Wow!  That is amazing.  Daddy had been filing down the keys he intended to give me for many years.  It would be the only baton that he would not be able to physically hand me yet I will take possession of those keys having been trained by the “locksmith” himself.  My success will not be optional-not for me, nor for my Dad.

Daddy went on to say, “So, in that day Princess, remember our conversations-all the lessons.  Some of the things I’ve told you won’t make sense until after I’m gone.  I can only make deposits on those points for now.  They are date stamped for special times in your life and they will come in handy then.  But when they are needed, they will hit you in the back of the head like a ton of bricks and you will remember what I said and lovingly smile, just like I would have.  The most amazing thing about death is the transformation that begins in the lives of the surviving family members.  When my Dad died, I don’t believe I ever had a chance to really miss him.  I say that because no sooner than we buried him, it seemed like that face I saw in the mirror each morning thereafter was his.  And since my Dad died at 19, when I turned 21, the face I saw was exactly like the face in the photos of my Dad when he was 21.  And when I turned 25, and 30, I saw him at 25 and 30.  I stopped missing his hearty laugh because my laugh became his laugh-just as deep and just as hearty.  My anger was his anger.  My love and desire to protect my Mom was his.  My studiousness was his studiousness.  Before I knew it, it was only his physical touch that I missed because everything else about my Dad…was me.  Because I paid such close attention to him, I have been becoming him, more and more each day.  And, I would image the same is going to happen to you.  You will go through a brief period of wondering what I would do in certain circumstances.  Then, you will instinctively do what I would have told you to do if I were here.  Because, in essence, I’m just telling you know…and you are saving it for later, hopefully much later,” as my Daddy smiled.

“Baby Girl, don’t you worry,” he said as he gently put his arm around me as we sat in that chair on our front porch.  He continued, “We are in solid agreement-you don’t want me to die and I don’t want to be dead, but one day…one day Princess, we may both be overruled.  And on that day just know that I had to go home to my Heavenly Father to have a talk with HIM.  It will be the only talk I will have that I won’t be able to invite you along.  Because you know how Dad’s are about having conversations with their kids, right?”  And he smiled and threw his head back and laughed that hearty laugh of his.  He always knew how to insert a laugh at just the right time.  For that, I was so appreciative.

For some reason, I was chosen to have a Dad who was wise enough to prepare me for something as scary and as traumatic as the death of a parent.  I couldn’t understand it then…can’t really say I understand it now, but when that day comes, I will be equipped and poised for success even in the face of death.  That’s parenting at its finest!

As Blossom stood there at the burial site of her best friend’s father, she remembered the many exchanges she had with her Dad.  And in so doing, she held her best friend’s hand a little tighter to let her know that she had her support through this extremely difficult time.  Death, blossom thought, has just been down graded from hurricane to tropical storm.

Join us next edition for another installment of…The Daddy Pages.


That concludes the 5th Edition of Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication. Join us for the next edition and updates.  We thank you for your time. We look forward to your continued partnership as we fully intend to…spark a relationship revolution!!!  You made us popular.  Now, it’s our turn to make you proud.  Take care in your travels.


By women, for women with an extraordinary passion to strengthen male-female relationships.

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