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(May 21, 2013)

   Welcome to the 6th Edition of Jubilee News. Our staff continues to grow in number and in passion to share the message of the importance of strengthening male-female relationships. The close of the 5th Edition marks a milestone of achievement for the Jubilee News Team in a number of ways. In the 5th Edition, and for the first time, we offered a special occasion insert in honor of Mother’s Day. The insert featured several heart warming stories  that highlighted the love of mother from staff and non-staff members, alike. In addition, the insert also featured the Mother’s Day poems of a local high school. The poetry submissions were the result of a poetry contest and the students whose works were showcased in the newsletter were the 7 finalists. Although our target audience is comprised of adults, we lepted at the opportunity to work with school age children.  I speak for the students, the teachers, the principle, my self and for the whole of Jubilee News when I say an enrichment process ocurred as a result.  Lastly, the partnership that was established between the Principle and the teachers of the school made the entire effort not only memorable, but incredibly fruitful.

     Jubilee News wishes to particularly thank LaVerna Saunders, the Co-host of our affiliate Blog Talk Radio broadcast, WHEN MEN SPEAK-The Radio Edition. The Mother’s Day insert idea was LaVerna’s brain child and spontaneous idea. Thank you Laverna for being a blessing to so many this Mother’s Day.

     In addition, our very own poet and spoken word enthusiast, God’s Precious Flower, (GPF) a Special Education teacher by day, spearheaded the poetry competition at the school-ACCE High School. A very special salute to GPF for also being a conduit for multi-fold blessings to flow. Phenomenal is an understatement when it comes to describing the Jubilee News Team. Yet GPF and others manage to raise the bar exponentially with each edition, each endeavor.

     Last, but certainly not least is the fact that we exceeded 3,000 page views shortly after the release of the 5th Edition and seem to be on pace to cross the 4,000 page view mark shortly after the release of the 6th Edition. That said, thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our readers-first timers and continuous supporters. All that we are, and all that we are becoming we owe to you, our readers. From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of all here at Jubilee News…

…You made us popular. Thank you for granting us the opportunity to make you proud.


James W. Falcon

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Master of Science, Organizational Leadership

Founder, Café Encouragement & Café Encouragement Radio

Founder/Co-Host, WHEN MEN SPEAK-The Radio Edition
Founder/Editor-In-Chief, Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication

Author of:

Up & Over: Encouragement In Tough Times
What Men Really Need: A Step To Reconciliation Between Men and Women
PTICH BLACK: Navigating the Darkness
The Daddy Pages



The Artist’s Corner I is the section of the newsletter devoted entirely to those expressive women who have submitted their work to Jubilee News as a poem or spoken word. Jubilee News is proud to have counted among its ranks, a wordsmith and a poet as talented as the writer who goes by the pen name, MJD.


by MJD


So you used that girl

You thought it was fun

Laying down, then being on the run

You took from her a piece of her heart

But never cared, she knew that from the start.

You left with a grin, So proud of your sin

You set your goal and took it as a



But now you’re home

You’re all alone

Not understanding this feeling,

You dismiss it as nothing, but it never goes away

You suffer in hell because your lonely

You can’t comprehend life’s meaning


The truth comes out

that you’re filled with doubt

unsure of knowing who you really are

Funny, you thought she would be the one left scarred


You robbed yourself of love

Being whorish and smug

But you are the one who’s weak

Those women moved on and took a higher seat


What you don’t know, and can’t seem to learn

Is that your soul is aching an inextinguishable burn

You sold your worth, and you don’t know why

Then you tell yourself, men don’t cry

So you do it again, with that same empty grin

causing your death internally


Brother an animal is not what you were meant to be


MJD is a native of New Jersey who possesses a unique perspective on life, love, & relationships. MJD credits her principles and values to the unyielding influence of her Mother & Father and others she had in her upbringing. In addition to poetry, she is a culinary wizard and business owner. Join me in expressing our sincerest appreciation to MJD for her contribution to Jubilee News.



Join us in welcoming another masterful columnist to the Jubilee News Team in the person of Barbara K.  Barbara is an extremely well rounded professional who is gifted administratively as well as experientially.  Administratively in that she has served as a project planner and personal assistant to several well known leaders.  Experientially in that Barbara has a wealth of knowledge as well as a tremendous testimony to share about being trapped in the boundariless world of addition and then suddenly knowing freedom…deep, soul releasing freedom.  It is an honor to be in the company of a woman of Barbara’s caliber and a double honor for her to lend us her gifts and talents for this all important women to women work.  Enjoy Barbara’s literary debut with Jubilee News.


by Barbara K.

Beautiful isn’t it. All of the flowers of many different types and colors. Crowned with a majestic mountain range and cotton clouds of blue, white and pink. I think this would be a place of great peace and rest and when I look at the picture, I smile. I can focus on one flower or on the lake and mountains separately or I can let my eyes take in the whole of it. Whether looking at a part or the whole, it remains breathtakingly gorgeous.

Barbb KWhen I ask myself, what is the most important thing that women should know today, it’s that we are all beautiful separately or as a whole. Each of us can be placed on display by our Father and admired as an individual or we can be bunched together so that the contrast of our individuality is as breathtaking as the picture. Alone we are colorful, fragrant and the stuff that poems are written about. Together, we take the breath of God away from Him.

Strong alone, invincible together. That’s our story, you and I. Each a masterpiece of craftsmanship that is unmatched. Each with a specific size, shape, color, gift, talent, voice, story and fragrance. Bright spots of encouragement and femininity. Each designed with a specific plan and purpose by The Master. Crafted to our own unique wonderfulness.

Each of us touch our own worlds with fragrance and beauty, sacrifice and giving. Whatever it is we touch, wonder is infused through our life-giving essence of womanhood. Every one of us, no matter how great or small has a part to play out. Whether we make millions or wait for a check in the mail , if we are stay at home moms or we run multi- million dollar companies, We are what God needs to get the job done today. You have to believe this in order to fulfill the destiny you were specifically designed to fulfill.

Oh and don’t worry if you struggled with life’s ups and downs, scraped your knees, your hands or your heart. It’s part of what makes us so wonderful. Our resilience is known by our Creator. He doesn’t tempt us with more than we can bare. He commands us to be transformed by His Word, not conformed to what the world says should happen because of the things we’ve experienced.

I want you to go look in the mirror and say out loud “I am EXACTLY what my God and Father needs today, to get the job done”. Tell yourself that even though you haven’t reached perfection, you are not where you started off at. I know it’s hard, but the Holy Spirit will help you see the plan, see your own self-worth, see the wonder that our God sees when He looks at us.. Just ask! He WILL show you.

Be blessed my sisters. May God continue to reveal His awesomeness to you so that you may see your awesomeness!


Barbara K. is a licensed drug counselor in the Baltimore, Maryland metropolitan area and has to her credit having assisted scores of men and women to find freedom from substance abuse.  Stay tuned as Barbara K. will share more from her experience and wealth of knowledge on the subject of addition.



The Artist’s Corner II is the section of the newsletter devoted entirely to those expressive women who have submitted their work to Jubilee News for the uplifting of all. This Edition celebrates the return of the literary rhyme and rhythm of God’s Precious Flower (GPF), an artist who has served the newsletter in a variety of capacities including Copy/Online Editor.  Enjoy her work.

Twenty Minutes to Two

Where were you at twenty minutes to 2:00?

The streets were empty and still

The sky was clear, but my mind remained a cloudy grey

A milky blue


How blue is the sky, a rich indigo–

blew my nose because of mixed emotion and echoes in my heart

the part of my heart  that was betrayed by men

how can a man betray and toy with the notion of stuff

that creates emotion and makes a woman cry


I cry because I don’t know why the cause is or was

That tears streamed down my face

As I drove home after watching the Titanic in its entirety

And now at home, I face my fears—the time alone that I have spent

Though never alone He said He’d leave me

Nor forsake a child of His


In bliss as I lay beside him, I realized that this time he really is

The one for me, but how much longer must I drive home ALONE

That is the thing at twenty minutes to two that I was thinking about

How important it is to wait on the Lord no matter how impatient you become

Now come to me all who are weary and heavy laden, but what about the man

That played a trick on ME, you see he does not know that there is only one giver of life

Although a movie can make me think and stir up a dissonant cognition

A temporal condition that will also pass away


So after you’ve done all you can that’s humanly possible

Turn to Jesus Christ when nothing else remains

Turn to Jesus, He’ll take away the pain

The pain in your heart and issue of blood…

Your issues, emotions ALL cast on Him because He cares for you


That’s what I was thinking while driving home at twenty minutes to two


Once upon a time life mastered me as I lay on the floor

an ungrateful, bloody mess

At best, I was depressed –a cheap smile would barely form

from the corners of my mind


I had no time – I could not find… the time to pray

You said that thing, but where’s the ring

I was depressed at best, but you could see the change in my life

Picked up a butcher knife, then learned to master life again in Jesus Christ

My Lord, the giver of life…I have no right to take what does not belong to me


They gave us the notion that we would not graduate, but Jesus had another plan

And in my hand I hold the proof, it is the truth that we made it t-h-r-o-u-g-h

So filled with the gratitude of tears and elation–the night before at twenty minutes to t-w-o


I stand before you a multiplying leader, a poetry reader, a teacher, a giver of help

But helpless in the hands of mortal men and children who cannot read or write

They cuss, disrespect me, and fight—I have no right to go to my supervisor

Who is deemed as wiser but then the DA had to interject – it is not me whom they disrespect

But SHE and they and them and HE who cannot stand my joy and progress

And cannot comprehend the light, so cannot get with the Jesus in me


My DESTINY is not in the hands of few but…ONE


And now that it is long past my time, well beyond the time

To gripe, complain, and c-r-y

I give God the praise and seek His face, and in my weakness…grants me grace


My time is gone, no longer twenty minutes to two

And so I bid you – –  adieu

                                                                                    —–Written by GPF in 2004; © all rights reserved


Jubilee News is proud to present the return of Michelle Pringle in her second outing as a columnist.  Michelle’s debut produced an eye catching, heart captivating introduction to what is sure to be a popular series.  More than popularity, Michelle’s passion is to reach women who are broken, and to bind their wounds, and share with them that they are not only blessed but a blessing to others.  Join Jubilee News as we celebrate the second installment in the series: The Heart, the Hurt, and the Healing of a Whore: The Old Testament Story of Tamar.

The Heart, Hurt and Healing of a Whore: The Old Testament Story of Tamar

“Matters of the Heart,” the second installment in the series.

     “The heart is one of the most important organs in the entire human body. It is really nothing more than a pump.” This has to be one of the most paradoxical statements that I’ve ever read; however, it certainly did catch my eye! The article continues by providing vital facts concerning the function of the human heart, including that it pumps blood to other organs in the body while removing waste products that can prove to be detrimental to the body. When it comes to matters of the heart, men and women are not created as equal to say the least.  For instance, a man’s heart weighs about 10 ounces, while a woman’s heart weighs approximately 8 ounces. Not only is a woman’s heart smaller than a man’s, but the signs that it’s in trouble are a lot less obvious. The description of the heart sounds much like that of some feminine qualities, namely,   packed with so much power and punch, yet often presented as “nothing more than a pump”!

     Continuing with the series, “The Story of Tamar: The Heart, Hurt and Healing of a Whore”we will discuss the matters of the heart, using Genesis 38 as the backdrop. This chapter highlights cultural, spiritual and gender biases that existed throughout Israel in Old Testament biblical days, and reveals the root causes of debauched social settings that are the result of broken promises, deception, and immorality.  Genesis 38 communicates the story of Tamar, a widowed woman (in a foreign country), with a wounded womb. Some perspectives on Tamar are not positive, as she is most times projected to be a desperate, tricky, prostitute or temple whore. Considering matters of the heart, I’d like to contend that Tamar does not have the heart of a whore; rather, she is a wounded widowed woman who finds herself entangled in a web of L.I.E.S.

     Tamar is the widow of Er, the son of Judah, who is killed by God because he is wicked. After Er’s death, Onan, the brother of Er is sanctioned to marry Tamar and impregnate her in in order to provide continuity for the line of his deceased brother. While in modern day society, this is a major taboo, in this setting of this text, OT Israel, this union was acceptable and covered under the Levirate Law.  In a society that set great affection on blood ties, the Levirate Law mandates that the next available brother of the deceased is to marry the widow to give her a child. It was considered a tragedy if a man died without a descendant to perpetuate his name. In a sense, without offspring the man death was permanent – and it would be as if he never lived.  Onan marries Tamar, has sex with her, however at the time of ejaculation, he continuously ‘spills his seed on the ground”. This action stresses that he has no regard for his Tamar, the Levirate law or preserving the line of Judah; from that which the Messiah (Jesus Christ) would come.  Because of this, Onan is put to death. After the death of his second son, Judah is reluctant to give his 3rdson, Shelah in marriage with Tamar. The misinterpretation of tragic events, death, causes Judah to view Tamar as views her as a curse.

     Come what may, Tamar is not a curse, nor is she is a sin. Often times in spaces of “Misinterpretation” people will label you without your permission or consultation. People will force you to wear the Scarlet Letter when it appears you have messed up, and will ignore the millions of things, tasks and trials that you have done correctly and have overcome. Just as the human heart serves as the most vital organs of the body and is labeled by some as a simple pump, so have many of you. My cry is that you will not be identified by what people think of you—-but by the matters of your pure heart.

     As seen in the story of Tamar, heartbreak occurs when a blameless person finds themselves in situations that are above and beyond their control. They have no voice, no choice and sometimes no sense of identity. As we conclude this session, I challenge you to identify if any pieces of your person is wrapped up in the following L.I.E.S. Whether you can identify or you know of a woman who can be identified, be encouraged that, “The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the LORD delivers him out of them all” (Ps 34:18-19). Yesterday was the last day for you to believe in the following:

Lies: The jury is still out on the lie that Tamar was better off because she married into Israel, which would be considered to have married ‘up” from a people (Canaanites) who were not the chosen of God. Disaster still happens in Israel! This is translated to remind you that church is not an elixir that allows you to escape the pains of life. Unfortunately, you can be in church and be connected to some who are not convinced, committed or convicted to or by the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Modern day Israel (the Church) is a hospital for those who are spiritually sick and ailing —–it was never designed to be a bubble that only houses purity! Even if your neighbor’s issues are not your issue, I’m just glad that Christ came for the ‘Whosoever Wills’!!!

Insecurities: are usually birthed when society sets a standard that for whatever the case, you cannot fulfill. Tamar is a woman who’s been married twice and has not been able to fill her job as a tool to birth a child. In the eyes of society, she is worthless. Insecurities gain rank when you begin to digest those things that society says you have failed at producing. It does not matter today what they said about you—-You are more than a pump when you are covered under the mantle of the Blood of Jesus Christ!!!

Esteem Issues:  Is the sister of insecurities. It is the acting out of insecurities in a manner where other people can recognize that you have that you are not comfortable with nor do you value your flaw. Wikipedia defines, “Self-esteem is a term used in psychology to reflect a person’s overall emotional evaluation of his or her own worth. It is a judgment of oneself as well as an attitude toward the self. Self-esteem encompasses beliefs and emotions such as triumph, despair, pride and shame.” Insecurities and Esteem issues caused Tamar to devise a plan, with the right motives but with the wrong methods. She wanted to save the line of Judah when by birth; she wasn’t even born into Israel. (That is preach able!) How many of you have tried to save somebody else’s dream, vision and ministry while ignoring your own? If we were in church, I’d say, “I feel my HELP tonight!” Beloved, whether it’s the boss, church, spouse, children, don’t get so caught up on serving the mind of another person that you forget about your person!!! If you are called to assist, by all means, assist!!! In all things be sure not to Assist so much that you Abort that which is in you!

Shame and Sin: Those things in which you keep hidden will never be healed!!! Sometimes unfavorable circumstances will provide a door  way for sin to creep into our lives. This happens to the best of us! However, even if you find yourself in a rut of sin, Do Not Build A House In Sin—It Is Not Your Home!!! It doesn’t matter what you are trying to recover from—- grief, lost, death, heartbreak, heart ache, worry, depression, spiritual woes, mental instabilities—while you did do “it”—the fact that you are reading this note today suggest—that it didn’t Do You!!! It’s really simple, if you confess your sin, the Lord is faithful and just to forgive you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness! (1John 1:9) God is not ignorant of nor scared of your sin, however He is concerned about your sanity!!! Don’t allow the shame of sin to keep you bound!!! Walk in the freedom and the liberty of the Lord Jesus who desires to heal your mind, body and soul!

I love you but God loves you more! Until We Meet Again—Live in God On Purpose!!!

Like a missionary heralding the Gospel to those who have never heard it, Michelle Pringle, is revealing the lovingkindness of her God to those who have been cut up, cut out, and cut off by church groups and family members because of their actions. Michelle not only conveys a message of hope, but one of healing for all women, no matter the circumstances in which they may find themselves. 



Jubilee News welcomes another new columnist to the Team.  This writer comes to us endowed with experience as a columnist as well as an Editor-In-Chief.  Sent our way by another one of our own, Victoria Sharrock, Nekil Colden’s passion for social change is not only obvious but contagious.  Freed from her former obligations as Editor-In-Chief Nekil brings Jubilee News fresh insight and a brand new flavor of expression in her writing style.  Join me in welcoming Nekil in her debut article.  Enjoy.

Emotionally FIT

“Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and values are in balance.” — Brian Tracy

     Creativity is making something intangible tangible.  Everything you see started out as a thought. The chairs you’re sitting in, the car you drive, the books you’ve read, the words you speak and even you were all created from a thought.  This is an example of how powerful our thoughts are.

     Becoming emotionally fit is seeking knowledge on becoming a better person and incorporating the knowledge into your everyday lives.  Emotional fitness is strengthening your mind as is physical fitness is strengthening your body.  When you become more emotionally fit you are able to better deal with situations that arise in life by reasoning and finding a solution to the problem without allowing the problem to cause an adverse affect on your perception of self and of life.

     The inner you should be as fit as the outer you.  Spirituality works from the inside out. We all inherently have a connection to something deeper. Some call that something, God, consciousness, the Most High and many other names. No matter what you choose to call the voice within doesn’t matter but what does matter is that you get plugged into that source in order for you to be more emotionally fit.

How you feel about you MATTERS!

     Self perception will be mirrored back to you. How you see yourself is how others will ultimately see you. If you are a physically beautiful person but inside you feel that you are unattractive you may appear to someone to be beautiful initially but eventually they will not see you for your beautiful features if you don’t also think of yourself as beautiful.  We should all do the work that it takes to remind ourselves just are special we are and how important we are to the world.

Here is a fitness plan that you can use to help you to become more emotionally fit:

1) Start each day with prayer and meditation.  A prayer of thanks is the prayer that I pray each morning; I believe that when we thank God for what we have He will bless us with more things to be thankful for.  Meditation for me is having a moment of silence to see myself in my mind’s eye going through the day smoothly and productively.

2) See yourself as who you want to become not as you appear today. Example: If you have a desire to purchase your dream car, when you get inside of your car imagine yourself in your dream car and feel how happy you are just by the thought that you’re driving your dream car.  Our thoughts are vibrations/energy.  Thinking great thoughts sends out a vibration to the universe and more of those same feelings will be attracted back to you.  Another example is to dress for success.  Dress the part until you get the part.

3) Walk the walk and talk the talk.  When we decide that we want better for ourselves we have to not only talk about it we have to make steps towards it.

4) Daily Affirmations.  As I previously said our thoughts become words and our words become things.  Affirmations are statements of truth, it could be a truth that you want to be or a reminder of what is true.


I am attracting loving experiences and people to me.

I am healthy.

I deserve the best life has to offer.

All is well.

5)  The Golden Rule or Ethic of Reciprocity is a maxim, ethical code or morality that essentially states either of the following:

            One should treat others as one would like others to treat


             One should not treat others in ways that one would not like

             to be treated

Incorporating these five exercises in your daily routine will help you become more emotionally fit


Nekil Colden is an extremely talented writer, a gifted visionary, and powerful motivational speaker.   We look forward to the many faces of Nekil Colden that are sure to transform our approach and dramatically increase our appeal.  Thank you, Nekil, for choosing Jubilee News.



How important is it for a little girl to have her father in her life? Is a father’s presence that important? What are the benefits of having a solid connection with your Dad? Ladies, follow a fictional character named Blossom as she grapples with these topics in her growth and development from childhood to womanhood in each biweekly addition of Jubilee News. Jubilee News is proud to present the work of a Baltimore native; artist-author, Jai-ree.


     In the early morning hours, Blossom likes to enjoy an exhilarating run.  No matter the temperature, the humidity, and despite precipitation.  Blossom is as committed to her health as the U.S. Postal Service is to the delivery of mail.  In 6 years, she has only missed 2 days of running.  One time because she overslept and the other because of a business trip and flight out of town that she was asked to take by her boss which left her no time for an early morning run in her home town or in any other town for that matter.  Other than those times, you can set your watch to Blossom’s faithfulness.  Worst case scenario, Blossom would find a time during the day to fit in her run though she preferred the earlier hours.

     On this day, Blossom found a small slice of time for a run in the early evening hours of a Saturday. It was spring time. What is normally a good, strenuous work out involving several laps around the park, must be reduced to only a single lap.  Blossom had to catch a flight for another business trip so she had to cut her workout short.  The park was filled with people.  All kinds of people.  There were several single women reading books or sipping their favorite coffee undoubtedly purchased from the Starbucks across the street.  Blossom also made note of the fact that there were what appeared to be, many single guys as well.  There was a group playing flag football which she had to slow down to watch.  And there were several scattered throughout the park too.  “Wow,” she thought, “I definitely need to do my run at this time of the more often.”

     There were many, many families out today enjoying the warm weather and each other.  There was a variety families represented that day that Blossom made note of.  All appeared happy, jovial, and full of antics and laughter.  There was a little girl who appeared to be no more 3 or 4 years old that caught Blossom’s attention because she seemed to be all alone.  As Blossom surveyed the area she wondered why anyone would have left such an adorable toddler alone, unattended.  Blossom, watched for what she felt was an uncomfortably long time before she turned her and began to run in that direction to investigate.  And as she did, a man emerged from behind a bush with a kite in his hand.  Blossom slowed down and got out of investigator mode when she noticed the toddler clap and cheer at the site of the man.  Hero Dad to the rescue she thought.  As Blossom redirected her run away from the two, she couldn’t help but remember a time with her Hero Dad many years before.  And in so doing she…

     The car doors slammed shut.  My Dad had just picked me up from my very first job.  We road in silence for several blocks before the corners of my mouth began to turn downward uncontrollably.  I was about 16 then.  And I was a hormonal mess.  It didn’t take much for me to go from 0 to crybaby in less than 60 seconds but I couldn’t help it. I was a teenager but more than that I was attempting to manage new responsibilities on my very first job and it was tough. But my Dad always treated me like the Queen of England and encouraged me through those changes.  After about 10 minutes, my Dad who already knew that something was wrong with his Princess, said to me in a very soft, caring voice, “What’s Baby Girl?”. That was my license to burst into tears.  My Dad turned into the next opening to pull over and to give me his undivided attention.  I poured out my heart to him.  I explained how I hated my job and how I was afraid to fail and to let him and Mom down if I didn’t do well.  I must have gone on for about 10 minutes as I cried and spat and pledge my case through clinched teeth.  The strange thing was, my Dad didn’t say anything but an occasional, uh huh, wow, or I’m really sorry Princess.  He didn’t offer me any of his old sage advice.  As a matter of fact, he put the car in gear, and drove off.  I thought to myself, “How rude was that.  I hadn’t finished sobbing yet.  I had a good 10 more minutes of water left in my eyes to cry.”

     I sat quietly, almost angry for about 5 minutes as Dad drove further into the county to place that he and I had come many times before to sit and talk.  Except this time, Dad said, “Come with me.”

     We got out of the car and went to the trunk.  I, oblivious to what was going on, thought maybe Dad was going to perform some minor repair on the car while he finished hearing me out-some thing that he’s done a few times before.  Instead, Dad reached into the trunk and pulled out my old kite.  My face lit up and although I was teenager at this time, I couldn’t help but to clap my hands together like a toddler.  Dad and I had logged a lot of flying time on this kite.  We used to come here frequently when I was younger.  He introduced me to kite flying and I got hooked very quickly.  There was nothing that got me more relaxed than flying a kite.  And he knew that.  My Dad realized that I might need a few minutes of an escape so he loaded up the kite before picking me up thinking, I could use some down time.  He always, always, always seem to know what I needed.  That was why he said very little in the car.  He had this planned.  As he reached for the rest of the gear and closed the trunk, I threw myself at him and hugged him with all my might.  He dropped the kite and string and stuff because I had his arms pinned.  And I held him for as long as I could, as I cried and whispered a million time in his ear, “Thank you Daddy.”. I eventually loosened my grip enough to allow my Dad to hug me back.  He hugged then lifted me up and sat me on the roof of the car just like he use to do when I was younger.  When a girl becomes a teenager, she no longer wants to be treated like a child.  She wants to do mature things and be treated differently when she becomes a teenager.  But not this.  And at least, not that day.  That day, I realized that there was no such thing as a bad day with Dad.

     Blossom’s watch buzzes and chirps to let her know she’s got 5 minutes to get back home if she’s going to make her flight on time.  For the first time, she was thankful for the alarm going off because she realized she could have there in that moment for the rest of the day.

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Sally walked in to the Dentist office to make an appointment. “How much do you charge to pull out a tooth?” She asked.” “It’s $130″, was the prompt reply. “$130!” gasped Sally, that’s ridiculous! There must be a way for you to go cheaper.” “Well,” said the Dentist thoughtfully, I suppose if we don’t numb it, we could knock off $30.” “Only $30?,” countered Sally, “that’s still $100, you’ve got to make it cheaper.” “Well,” said the Dentist after a long pause, “I suppose if we take it out with a wrench we could knock it down to $50.” “Perfect”, said Sally happily. “I would like to make an appointment for next Tuesday, for my husband Jack.”

Source, http://www.greatcleanjokes.com/2852/poor-husband-joke/#ixzz2UCrBOUb3


Application To Date My Daughter

Name (first, middle, last) _________________________

Date of Birth __/___/___





Social Security #____-____-____ Driver’s License #_________________

Boy Scout Rank________________

Home Address (city, state, zip)_________________________apt. # _______

Do you own:A van? (y/n)____Truck w/oversized tires? (y/n) _____Waterbed? (y/n)____

Do you have an earring, nose ring, nipple ring, belly button ring, tattoo? (circle all that apply)

In 50 words or less…What does the word “LATE” mean to you?___________ ______________________________________________

In at least 25 words…What do the words, ” Don’t touch my daughter mean to you” ? _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________

In at least 25 words…What does the word “ABSTINENCE” mean to you? ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

Feel free to use back of page or attach additional sheets for above questions.

Church you attend:____________________How often?_________________When would be the best time to interview your father, mother, and priest or other religious education provider?_______________________________________________________________________________________

Answer the following freely and completely honestly. All Answers are Confidential (that means I will not tell anyone –ever — really! I promise! )

If I were shot, the last place on my body I would want to be wounded is____________________.If I were beaten, the last bone I would want broken is my____________.A woman’s place is_______________________________.

The “one” thing I hope this application doesn’t ask me about is ____________________ ____________________________________________________________________.

When I meet a girl, the first thing I notice about her is_____________.*Note…if the answer to this question begins with T or A Discontinue at this point and leave the premises! Keeping your head low and running in a serpentine fashion is advised.

What do you want to be IF you grow up?___________________________

I swear that all information supplied above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, under penalty of death, a severe beating, dismemberment, torture, crucifixion, electrocution. Any penalty will be decided at the whim of the father.

Signature ________________________________ Date ________

Witness ________________________________ Date ________

Character Reference ________________________________ Date ________

Notarized ________________________________ Date ________

Note: This application will be considered incomplete and rejected unless accompanied by a complete financial statement, copy of birth certificate, job history, lineage, and a current medical report from your doctor.Please allow four (4) to six (6) years for processing. You will be contacted in writing if you are approved. Do not call or write as this will only delay the procedure and possibly cause you undue anxiety, if not a visit from the Terminator. If your application is rejected, you will be notified in person by two well dressed gentlemen with violin cases. Do not turn your back on them.

Thank you for your interest!

Have a NICE DAY!




     I am a man in my forties who fell madly in love with a delightful, adorable & gorgeous woman in her 40’s whose overall attractiveness transcends scalability.  Simply put, she  is amazing.  She is the answer to every one of my prayers for a mate.  She is the epitome of a partner, a friend, and a spouse.  She is my elegant queen on one hand and my “road dog” on the other.  She is the kind of woman that men would gladly approach in social settings because she has a radiant personality with an incredibly warm, inviting smile.  Her whole personality says, “welcome” in the friendliest way possible.  If that weren’t enough, she is extremely level headed.  She lives and loves without boundaries but not to the degree of being irresponsible.

honey do


     The best part about this woman of mine is, she is always keenly aware of me.  And more than being aware, she proactively takes steps to ensure that I don’t make too many withdrawals from my emotional account to the point that I am overdrawn in any areas.  On a regular basis, she will spend her money to prevent me from spending mine.  She discourages me from spending any money on her.  She doesn’t believe in “honey-do” lists.  Instead, she promotes “honey, let’s do” lists choosing to join me rather than give orders.  She has learned how to be a partner without smothering and how to be a date even if we are washing loads of clothes.  As a result, any errands run, are run together with few exceptions.  Why?  Because we enjoy each other and each other’s company just…that…much.

     Thankfully, we’ve been together severals years now.  And what’s truly amazing is the fact that she’s been the same person-the same extraordinarily caring woman and partner throughout.


Cared For & Therefore, Content



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