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  Welcome to Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication!  Today, May 20, 2017, we are officially back in business.  This is the 9th Edition of the Publication and as the home pages states, with this Edition and going forward, you can expect more.  The Publication now has more Columnists and Artists.  There will be even more diversity among the Columnists and Artists. There will be more forms of artistic expression including the visual arts of painting and photography.  There will be more topics of interest including but not limited to: body image, what not to do after a break up, steps to take to recover from loss, managing chronic illness, mothering pointers on the care of small and adult children.  There will be more humor and opportunities to laugh as well as cry.  There will also be more invitations for reflection as per my series, “The Daddy Pages” and others.  There will even be posts on how to maintain a good, healthy, vibrant social life.  Being mature and responsible does not mean we can’t have fun.  Expect all of these topics and more in addition to encouragement to enhance communication and interactions with men-the publication’s top priority.  Expect to see more advertisements and much more entrepreneurial columns.  In-other-words, all of the things that may strike the fancy of women in general, will be covered in Jubilee News going forward!  Expect more.  Enjoy More.  Because you deserve…MORE!

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Nekil, a former Editor-In-Chief of another publication, joined the Jubilee News Team in 2013 and made sizable contributions with promises of more in the future.  But unfortunately, Nekil lost her battle with cancer (a war she waged oh so privately) and passed away unexpectedly.  We are grateful for Nekil’s life and contributions to Jubilee News.  Our deepest sympathies go out to her Family & Friends in their lost.  This Publication will forever honor her work and will hold a place for her here among the staff.


Rest In Peace

Nekil R. Colden

11/25/1975 – 1/29/2014

Respectfully submitted,

-James W. Falcon


Relationship Cycles


by Ms. Recia Jones

Fruitless (definition)-useless, unproductive; without results or success; bearing no fruit; barren.

Synonyms: abortive, gainless, profitless, idle

Cycle-any complete round or series of occurrences that repeats or is repeated.

Synonyms: chain, circle, loop, rhythm, sequel, wheel

Relationship-connection, association, or involvement; an emotional connection between people; a sexual involvement; affair.

Synonyms: affiliation, alliance, dependence, exchange, hookup, marriage

     She was tired. No, she was exhausted from yet another dating experience. She vowed this time would be the last time she would do this. She was going to settle and rest in the fact that she would be single for rest of her life and that she would have to learn to accept it. She was tired of the fruitless cycles of relationships and the drama associated with it. She wanted to start a movement. Fists raised high and chanting something not sure what yet. She was sure if she had the platform to speak to men she would tell them exactly what all women felt. She wanted things to change. She felt trapped in a world where her old school morals clashed continually with the new school way of doing things.

     As she sat in her room, she listened to a song she had never heard before but she adored the artist. Tears began to flow down her face. She stumbled upon the video via YouTube and watched intently as Jill Scot crooned her song with tears streaming down her face.  Hear My Call. She could relate to the emotionally charged video and the words sounded familiar though she never said them because up until that moment, she couldn’t even begin to articulate let alone to explain. She wanted to tell men that some women are not as strong as they may think. Yes, they are strong but carrying double the load is exhausting. She wanted to tell all men that some women are not mean either.  Women are just tired of having to show up all the time. She wanted men to know that women do well and do what needs to be done because it has to get done. She wanted to tell men that she was tired because she was taking on roles that her Grandmother told her that a man should do. She remembered how much she loved, honored, and admired her Grandmother. She wanted to be just like her. She wanted the type of relationship that her Grandmother had. She wanted to tell men that she wanted to be pursued, dated, courted, and taken down the aisle that led to a name change. She wanted them to know that she wanted him to take the lead role in the home. She wanted him to open doors for her physically and mentally. Yes, she could think for herself but it was the chivalry and that need for him to lead is what excited her. She sat and listened to her Grandmother rave about her husband. She didn’t hear her Grandmother talk about a boyfriend…but a husband who provided for her. Yes, her Grandmother worked but she also took care of her home. She remembered her Grandmother sharing stories as she taught her to cook. Her Grandmother shared dear secrets with her telling her the importance of keeping a home and that included cooking him a hot meal each day. She would listen to her Grandmother cook meals with love. She served his meals with love too. She remembered her Grandmother would squeal and giggle when she said he would smack her butt when she walked away after giving him his plate. She remembered her Grandmother told her it won’t be easy, but it’s necessary. Her Grandmother told her how they would sit and make decisions together that would put them in a place to grow. They prayed together and went to church together. Her Grandmother would light up every time she talked about him. She wanted to glow like that! She wanted to feel those butterflies for herself and not just because she was listening to her Grandmother share her stories. She wanted that old school love but it was nowhere to be found. This left her frustrated and sad. The cycle of bad dating experiences started to take a toll on her. It was beginning to leave a bitter taste in her mouth. It was likened to a gas tank. Her love tank was full when she first started but each experience began to take from her reserve. It was taking those memories of the stories her Grandmother told her and removing them. And now her love light is bright red and flashing, reminding her of the song “Five Miles to Empty” by Brownstone. The light in her eyes was growing dim and the desire diminished by the minute. She wanted to scream because she was trapped in a place in time that she didn’t know if her guy would show up in time. And to make matters worse her Grandmother had passed away so who would talk to her now? Right before her Grandmother died, she remembered the last conversation with her grandmother. She began talking about her husband again. Though her memories of a lot of things had faded with her Dementia, those of her husband never did. It had been years since they talked about him. In one of those final conversations she shared they only knew each other 3 weeks before being married for years up until his death. She knew then because she mentioned him while staring up into what appeared to be nothing. She figured her husband was there waiting because she saw that glow show up again. Who was going to encourage her now?

     Sex has gotten so easy that nothing else even matters. As a result, this was the main reason that the above definitions hold so much power. Relationships are not coveted like they used to be. One of the synonyms actually referenced “hookup” and that’s what it has become. She knows this and now she has built that wall back up.  Except this time, she has hired armed security guards and she climbed inside a shell behind that wall. She didn’t want this to happen but the last situation drained her of so much. She doesn’t even know how to get back to that full tank of faith in relationships. She didn’t know how to get back to that full tank of faith in love. She wished that men would just get it. She wishes some of her girlfriends would hold these men accountable and not make things so easy. She realized she actually started to conform and that conformity went against everything she was taught and raised to believe. She said that she was just going to “go hard” and be mean. She wasn’t going let another man get close to her or to ever love her again. She promised to buy two pit bulls and be content. But the more she tried to get that contract drawn up and signed, she couldn’t seem to quiet that voice within. That voice that sounded like her Grandmother talking from the grave. That voice that sounded like a teenage girl talking about a crush. She realized that plan wasn’t going to work.  She realized she needed to try to dig deep one more time.

     So she thought about that platform-an approach to gather every man in a room to tell them how much women need them. She wanted to tell them they were valuable and that they did matter. All men matter. But she wanted to especially encourage her African American counterparts as they are being “taken out” daily. She wanted to tell them that she loved them. She wanted to hug them and speak to the kings within them. She wanted to also tell her sisters to do the same. She wanted to remind her sisters of their Queenly status. She wanted to tell her sisters that it was now time to hold them accountable and be more like our Grandmothers were back in the day. She wanted to tell them to get back the essence and the softness of womanhood.

     Now, to the woman who may feel she was trying to take them back 100 years or so, she beseeched them to look at the message deeper. She wasn’t saying that they didn’t have problems back then. But family values mattered more then than now. She wanted to share with men and women everywhere. She didn’t want to offend but encourage them to go back to a healthy place where relationships could grow and prosper. She wanted to remind both men and women that at the end of the day, it’s the two of them that matter. That by day they fought many battles outside the home but at the end of the day, they were meant to come together and rest in that safe place-the sanctuary of “home.” She wanted them to get back to the basics of love to end the fruitless cycles.

Reicia Jones


Poetry, writing, or art from the Heart of a Woman.

Recia Jones is a healthcare professional by trade who through soul searching and self reflection has discovered her many of her talents and skills.  Born both out of passion and a therapeutic sense, Recia is on a journey of personal actualization in which she wields many tools and weapons to help people, women in particular find their strengths and purpose in their “singleness.”  Recia recently joined the Jubilee News Team where she made her first appearance in the Mothers’ Day Edition of the newsletter, 8.3.  


Managing Breakups

by JHL

     I’m no relationship expert. Hell, I’m divorced even! But I will say that I have learned from my past experiences things which ring so true that I absolutely must share them with my brokenhearted sisters. If you have any hope in reconciling your love relationship, or you just want to heal as quickly as possible, then I hope you will consider taking my advice.


     For the love of all things holy, DO NOT stalk your ex on social media. Trying to figure what he is doing or who he is doing it with will only cause you greater pain. Trust me I know. I’ve been there and I could tell you some horror stories. Fortunately, I learned before my final marriage separation to never put myself through that again.

     If you have any social media “friends” that you know are really “his” friends, separate yourself from them. You don’t owe anyone an explanation, but if you are a “people pleaser”, you can be very gentle and diplomatic by messaging that person before you unfriend them. Keep it short and sweet. Let them know it’s nothing personal against them – you just feel it’s for the best as you both go through the grieving process. In most cases, people will understand, and some may even appreciate you making it less awkward for them.

     Ultimately it’s about you though. The more doors you keep open, the more avenues you have in getting hurt. Don’t trick yourself into thinking that his friends are your friends. And if you are the one who ends up getting blocked, just take a deep breath and don’t take it personally.


     One of the most effective and therapeutic ways in which I was able to move through my separation and later my divorce was typing out long text messages, then deleting them or saving them to my phone. When you know in your gut that there are things better left unsaid, yet you feel so compelled and justified to say something, use this technique to release that momentary, pent up energy.

     Think about it. What good will come from saying what you want to say? Will saying something resolve the situation or will it only escalate it? I can tell you that every time I allowed my emotions to take over and I expressed them to the person I was angry with, it always backfired. So how do you prevent this reptilian reaction? I don’t think you can unless you are big on meditation and able to calm yourself down quickly. If you are; however, a passionate, firecracker, prone to be quick-tempered, the best thing to do is to spew on paper or in an unsent text message.


     Drowning your sorrows is never a good thing. You would not be the first to get a little wasted and poopoo on your ex, but be very careful not to make this a regular occurrence unless you want to quickly wear out your friendships. This was a hard lesson for me at first, but after a while I realized that my grieving process was going to take a lot longer than my friends had the patience or the stamina for.

     You have to understand and accept that your friends and even your family can only take so much. Negativity drains a lot of energy-not just from you but from others as well. I will never say to someone that they should just get over it. What I will say is that sometimes your friends and family aren’t the best people to vent to because there is a shelf life to consider, so it’s important to put other supports in place like joining a private social media group or seeing a therapist.


     Your gears are constantly turning. You’re exhausted from crying non-stop. You’re having bad dreams or not sleeping at all. You’re obsessing about the past and can’t shut it off. Your chest is so tight it feels like your heart is going to implode. And some days you pray you could just close your eyes and peacefully drift far…far…away only to never wake up again.

     Yup! Been there too and stayed there for a long time. It’s called depression and heartache. You have two choices. Either sit and marinade in your sorrow while entertaining suicidal thoughts, OR get up and start moving! I know it’s not easy. I cried so much during my separation and divorce that my own child started to roll his eyes at me. I had no control over my thoughts or my emotions. I had to do something about it. So I started going for a walk and tuning out with music. Also, consider exercising as a good way to cope. Exercising has been very effective for me.

     There is nothing wrong with letting out your emotions. You have to feel them in order to heal, but eventually you have to start focusing on your mental well-being. And the best way to start that process, I am convinced, is through physical movement.


     I prolonged my healing process by staying in contact with my ex. We share a child so of course we had no choice, especially if we were going to co-parent. But there is a fat line between necessary contact and excessive contact. I fooled myself into thinking we could still be “friends”. I had envisioned a perfect scenario in which he and I would be the greatest co-parents in the world. We would share holidays together with the grandparents, and even befriend each other’s new love interests.

     This magical thinking only led me down an even more painful path that could have been prevented. We ended up sleeping with each other too many times. We created more points of argument. We probably confused our son especially after I decided to put a solid halt on things. And for what?

     Every relationship is different. The dynamics that existed in my relationship might be very different from yours, but the end result is still the same. You can not hope for reconciliation until you give yourself the time and space to be away from each other. It is only then that you can start to see things more clearly and make your own assessments without the influence of triggered emotions.


     This last one I know is difficult. It’s still difficult for me at times, but I can not stress enough how important this last one is. So many times I wanted to tell my version of what happened, but on the very few occasions I did, I almost always regretted it. Say what you have to say to the right people; a trusted few who know your story because they lived through it with you, a therapist, or vent to a group of strangers in an online support group.

     I’m very close to my mother in-law, and I’ve always had a special place in my heart for my father in-law. Divorce doesn’t simply dissolve that for me. But as much as I wanted to tell my in-laws how I felt about things, I had to swallow my pride if I was going to keep a relationship with them. When I found out about my ex husband’s new fiancee, my emotions were still very raw and believe me, I had plenty to say. Putting yourself in the other person’s shoes for a moment will hopefully give you the perspective you need to keep your mouth shut and not make a complete ass out of yourself. There will always be your version, his version, and the truth which sits somewhere in the middle. It’s only natural for his support system to side with his truth, just as it is only natural for your support system to side with your truth.

     I want to come back around to social media. I am very active on social media because it plays a huge part in what I want to do with my life, professionally. Being open and sharing my personal story is part of that. There is however a right way and a wrong way when it comes to sharing about a failed relationship. The general rule of thumb I would say, is to ask yourself why you are sharing? Is what you are about to share going to provide value to your audience? If not, then don’t share it! The very last thing you want is to come off as bitter, negative, or without class. Be very careful in how you air out your dirty laundry as they say, because it can backfire in a mean way causing you more grief than is necessary.


JHL has worked, most recently in the healthcare field but has, as of late, concentrated her focus on encouraging women to seek healing and support needed in the areas of body image, nutrition & fitness, emotional and mental health. JHL is a powerful voice on social media in her frequent posts of inspirational material for both men and women. JHL is a woman is great wisdom and will stop at nothing to share that experience with the willing. She too is a multifaceted columnist whose gifts and talents we have only begun to explore. This is JHL’s first article as a Jubilee News Team Member. Please join Jubilee News in welcoming JHL to the Jubilee News Team!


A Moment in Photography

Today’s Relaunch has played host to incredible talent and history making Publication firsts.  This photograph is a confirmation in both categories.  Among the many talents listed of Kafi D’Ambrosi, one that leaves many in awe is her eye and intelligence for photography.  Join me in welcoming Kafi’s photographic prowess as she lends us a piece from her Walter’s Art Gallery exhibit that exemplifies the struggles of women.  This one is entitled, “Middle Passage Ceremony.”

Kafis photo

Kafi, as she is known in the arts community, is a poet, a spoken word artist, a photographer, a designer, a Periscoper, a marketing and business growth strategy consultant, and a Mom. Kafi is a linguist who fluently speaks 4 languages in addition to English who frequently leverages the experience she gained in her travels abroad in many ways-chiefly, delighting the taste buds of the willing with her culinary mastery.  Kafi is not only an experienced artist but she is extremely well versed in the mechanics of project management of art shows and exhibitions.  Kafi’s most recent accomplishment was having the famous Walter’s Art Gallery in Baltimore, host her photography-her famed black, white, and grayscale photos, in a multiday exhibit.  Jubilee News is extremely proud to host the likes and talents of Kafi.  Kafi made her first appearance in the newsletter in the Mothers’ Day Edition, 8.3.




I think about you all the time

My heart can’t beat fast enough

To catch up to the movement of yours

I couldn’t catch up to you to save me

My love lingers my soul bleeds and

I’m sure you’re not thinking of me

I don’t believe that you’re loving me

I’m your past

You have a new love

So I close my eyes to sleep

Because the only time you’re loving me is in my dreams


Kottyn Campbell is a poet, spoken word artist, author, a vlogger with a sizeable collection of poems and other works on YouTube, a radio and a television show host that has years of experience performing and hosting Open Mic Nights with multiple books to her credit.  Her smooth, sensual, purposeful delivery sets her head, shoulders, and vocally apart from all others of her craft.  Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication is extremely thankful to host such an immense talent as Kottyn.


Memoir of a Survivor


by Kafi D’Ambrosi

The one thing I am is a survivor. I’ve been told that I’m amazingly strong and the roller coaster of my life is more than most can handle. I’ve often been told that “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.” I have often disagreed with this, only because of physics. In order to test the strength of anything, it must be tried, repeatedly, with stress. I’ve been tested and here are a few of my survival tactics when I’ve faced with personal loss, devastation, and trauma.

1. You can control your reaction and thoughts

A few years ago I found myself suddenly separated and a single mother.  Though I was raised by an amazing, single mother, I fell into my deepest fear of raising a child alone. I got married so that I wouldn’t be a single mother or have to struggle in a single parent family. I fell into despair and felt trapped.  An old friend called me to check on me. He felt like something was off. “I’m a single mother!”, I wailed.  He said, in a deadpan voice, “Single mother’s happen every day. You’re not special.”  It took me a few moments, but my reaction changed and my thoughts went along with it. I got up from bed and got down to the business of being a mother.  My greatest joys have been on the other side of this fear.

2.Avoid passivity

There is a danger in passivity when you are trying to survive a disaster. Have you found yourself out of a partner, a job, or health?  What do you do? To remain immobile in water is to drown. Treading in bewilderment instead of fighting for clarity lowers your chances of coming out on the other side whole.

  1. Put oxygen on yourself first

When the process of my separation and divorce began, I found myself pouring everything into caring for my child. She was loved, well fed, and happy. In these moments, I forgot to put on my oxygen mask first. I became weary in loving because I allowed fear to rule. I forgot to love myself first! I forgot to put on my own oxygen mask so that I could nourish, keep sane, and thrive.

  1. Find the emergency exit

We’ve all been on the plane watching (or ignoring) the stewards and stewardesses as they point out the emergency exits. I’ve learned that this life skill is necessary for surviving all kinds of disaster. The key point here is that the exit is usually visible and it’s closer than we think. It is often just a phone call away. While we don’t want to go through life, sitting with our backs against the wall, scoping faces and memorizing exits, always know that there is a strategy for a quick escape.

  1. Don’t forget your voice

Asking for help is key to getting help. It is often a very simple thing.  There is often shame attached to loss of any kind, especially in a relationship. Help, is a whole sentence. The ability to ask for guidance, support and empathy is an emotional life preserver.

In order to heal from the break up, the firing, the divorce, the loss and the death, we must activate our inner self survival switch.  We must breath, live, thrive and survive.  It’s imperative. I hope these few steps help you to navigate new paths.

Kafi, as she is known in the arts community, is a poet, a spoken word artist, a photographer, a designer, a Periscoper, a marketing and business growth strategy consultant, and a Mom. Kafi is a linguist who fluently speaks 4 languages in addition to English who frequently leverages the experience she gained in her travels abroad in many ways-chiefly, delighting the taste buds of the willing with her culinary mastery.  Kafi is not only an experienced artist but she is extremely well versed in the mechanics of project management of art shows and exhibitions.  Kafi’s most recent accomplishment was having the famous Walter’s Art Gallery in Baltimore, host her photography-her famed black, white, and grayscale photos, in a multiday exhibit.  Jubilee News is extremely proud to host the likes and talents of Kafi.  Kafi made her first appearance in the newsletter in the Mothers’ Day Edition, 8.3.


Funny Bone

Welcome to the FUNNY BONE-Jubilee News’ very own place for spits and giggles.  Laughter provides healing on multiple levels.  Allow Jubilee News to offer you a few doses of laughter to bring a smile to your face and a giggle to your soul.

Over the years, I have greatly benefited from some much needed laughter to lighten my daily burdens.  One friend in particular has always been there to provide those humor filled moments.  That friend who goes by the tag of NV, has a knack at finding the funnies.  I asked her if she wouldn’t mind doing what’s she’s done for me and others on her Facebook feeds to you.  Jubilee News Readers…enjoy!


Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, the sources of these photographs are unknown.


Unconventional Content

by Calene Hereaux

To all whom this writing finds….

     There’s going to be a lot of unconventional content in this piece. My disclaimer is that I’m not here to make you comfortable and I’m not here for you to agree with me. Truth be told I’m here to make you question and contemplate things. I’m here to spark a fire inside of you so grand that it urges you to look within and embrace your own personal phoenix rising. Everything you believe will be transformed and you, my beloved, will be reminded of who and what you truly are.

     Have you ever looked at yourself and wondered, who am I? Why am I here? What is this face? This skin? Well, I will tell you what I’ve learned through my exploration of this vast Universe which I’ve yet to fully discover. You are an unmistakably beautiful extension of the supreme Divine energy that is love. And not just what we look at as plain old ordinary love….unconditional love. This love is who and what we humans call God, Allah, Yahweh, The Great Spirit, The Universe, The Creator, ect. You are love expressing itself. That is your lineage. That is your heritage. You are God expressing itself infinitely. We come into this world knowing this and are quickly taught by society to forget that we have lived and traveled many lifetimes in many different forms to simply be love (think about the word beloved). This is because you are a soul that in this lifetime decided to take on this female human experience. You DECIDED this along with The Creator. Yes you, queen, co-created yourself into this magnificent being. You sat down with God and other loving souls like yourself and between you all decided how you wanted to come into this world as an expression of Love and what you wanted to experience. Yes…you decided what your purpose or love offering to the world would be! How that purpose is to be fulfilled depends on the decisions and choices you make while you are living as this being.

     Have you ever played the board game called Life? Let that sink in. I know it’s hard to believe that one opts to choose a life with many trials and tribulations. I can hear all the groans and the comments saying “This lady is out of her mind.”  Well I take that as a compliment because I am actually “out” of my mind. I’ve stepped out of my mind and am appealing to you from a soul level. Stay with me young Jedi master. We’ve only just begun. Now back to the life experience. We experience happenings because they are here for our personal growth. Remember we come into this world knowing who we are but are taught to forget. So these experiences whether good or bad (these terms are relative) are happening on purpose to help us grow into our purpose as we move throughout life. Think about the Bible verse Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.” Interpret this how you want but think about the fact that “his” is not capitalized. That’s because it’s “your purpose”-the purpose that you came here for. The purpose that as I said earlier, you co-created with The Universe by free will. So everything, every circumstance, every happenstance does not come about by coincidence. It is part of your plan to align yourself with your purpose and to help you bring forth your love offering to the world. And these things are happening because of decisions and choices that you have made. They were made from the trinity of the mind, body, and soul. Aaaaaaah here we bring in the mind. The mind is a tool given to us that is an intricate part of the creative process. Whatever you desire to achieve can come about with a much easier than most people realize.  In order to manifest your desire there are three things you should do. Begin with the thought in your mind. Clearly envision the thing that you desire and see yourself receiving or achieving and meditate on it. Once this happens then start to speak it into existence. Thank Allah for it. Naturally you will start taking action to work towards that desire and before you know it things will start lining up for you in ways that will blow your mind. And you will say to yourself YEP…I DID THAT! It’s really that simple ladies. We’ve done it all our lives. In all of our lives. Continuing to do this with a higher awareness will lead you to things beyond your wildest dreams. These things will align you with your purpose; your love offering. There is one thing I do want you to make note of. Regardless of what happens in your life…all roads will lead you to the purpose you and God designed for yourself in this lifetime. So relax, enjoy the journey, and get ready for some beautiful divine moments of love, pain, passion, happiness, sweat, tears, inner peace, triumph, failures, and joy because you can rest assured that the end result will always be that you are fulfilling the will of the Divine. And the will of the Divine is the will for you to succeed in your purpose. Stay tuned beautiful goddess. We have only begun to scratch the surface of your existence.


Calene Hereaux is a professional of extraordinary wisdom and insight.  Calene possesses an insight and a perspective on life and love that is deeply rooted in her spirituality and her compassion for others.  As a mother, her understanding of the principles of nurturing are second to none.  As a writer, her depth of insight explores the further reaches of the universe and the inner most parts of the human soul yet she is able to explain those dimensions in a very practical, down to Earth manner.  This is Calene’s first article.  Please join me in welcoming Calene Hereaux to the Jubilee News Team.



by Softly Spoken

Here is a treat from KOTTYN, The Softest Voice in poetry.  Relax to KOTTYN’S poetic rendition of exactly what not to do and of exactly what not to be in your relationships with the men in your life.  Enjoy!

Softly Spoken is a poet, spoken word artist, author, radio and television show host that has years of experience performing at Open Mic Nights and has multiple books to her credit.  Her smooth, sensual, purposeful delivery sets her head, shoulders, and vocally apart from all others of her craft.  Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication is extremely proud to host such an immense talent as hers.  


Jewelry: Your Retail Therapy

by LaVerna Saunders

     At one point, I was a caregiver for three family members, and it was extremely challenging, needless-to-say. But the most memorable moments were when a family member or friend would drop by just to say hello or whisk me away to a flea market, mall, special event, or dinner. Those few precious hours would do wonders for my morale. One of the most memorable times was when a friend invited me to her jewelry party. My mother and I had so much fun trying on different pieces. The compliments were uplifting. Multiple times, I heard, “girl that piece looks good on you” or “you look fantastic in that.”

     My mother has always been fabulous. She looks great in almost anything she wears. So when she put on that jewelry she received so many ooohs and ahs! Everyone was flocking to her to see how she looked in each piece of jewelry she tried on. She’d put on a necklace and they’d say, “ooh” and then a ring and they’d say, “aah.” It was retail therapy at its finest. And, it was a time of bonding, fellowship, and fun for my Mother and I.

     Another time that jewelry played a significant therapeutic role during that season of my life was when that same friend dropped by with suitcases full of jewelry. My mother, Aunt and I had a great time, once again, trying on different kinds of jewelry. My Aunt was bed ridden at the time and she had dementia but her face lit up as she tried on necklaces, earrings, rings to her heart’s satisfaction. We would put the jewelry on her and show her how she looked in the mirror. We took pictures and urged on in true diva fashion. “Oh, Auntie, you look fabulous” we would say as she beamed with excitement, from ear to ear. That was a memorable moment that my Mother and I will always have as we think of our Aunt.

     Well, my Aunt has gone to be with the Lord. And, now I’m caring for my Mom and Dad. Just the other day Mom and I sat down at the table and tried on jewelry we ordered. My Mother had been in pain as the result of a strained shoulder. But when she tried on that jewelry, that pain almost disappeared. Her countenance changed. She said, “Oh my goodness-look at that! Wow! Look at this!”

     She got out her brush and brushed her hair, put it up in a bun and quickly went into fashion runway mode as she tried on piece after piece of jewelry. She was captivated by her own bling metamorphosis. Lol.

     These memories of jewelry have contributed greatly to my life and the lives of my loved ones. Prior to these moments, I never really wore much jewelry. I never took time to appreciate its value and the impact it can have on a women’s self esteem, psyche, mood, and mindset. But now, I am a big fan of bling. It has played such an important part in my journey, that I want to do the same for others. Yes, laying on a couch and talking about your problems can be a good thing, but so can some bling!


LaVerna Saunders is a professional of highest caliber. She is a sales professional, former radio talk show host, and my former Blog Talk Radio Co-Host. LaVerna’s energetic, upbeat approach to her work and to life in general is unmatched. LaVerna is especially savvy in articulating the nuances of the male-female relationship dynamic. LaVerna is an experienced presenter, Emcee, and trainer in a variety of fields. LaVerna is credited with bringing many aspects of Jubilee News, of WHEN MEN SPEAK and other aspects of James’ Encouragement Is Key network from concept to life. Jubilee News wishes to express its sincere appreciation for all of LaVerna’s contributions both past and present.


Visual Art

Please join Jubilee News in welcoming our very first visual art presentation.  This piece is entitled, “She’s Tired of Looking for that Mustard Seed” is the work of Columnist & Poet, Recia Jones.  Thank you Ms. Jones for providing us of a visual glimpse into your soul.



Recia Jones is a healthcare professional by trade who through soul searching and self reflection has discovered her many talents and skills.  Born both out of passion and a therapeutic sense, Recia is on a journey of personal actualization in which she wields many tools and weapons to help people, women in particular find their strengths and purpose in their “singleness.”  Recia recently joined the Jubilee News Team where she made her first appearance in the Mothers’ Day Edition of the newsletter, 8.3.  Please join Jubilee News in welcoming Recia Jones to the Jubilee News Team as visual Artist.


A State of Mind


by Recia Jones

Single-(1) solitary or sole/alone; (2) unmarried or not in a romantic relationship; (3) sincere and undivided

Adjectives: exclusive, individual, isolated, lone, loner, odd, one, only, original, personal, private, restricted, secluded, abandoned, companionless, forsaken, desolate, or lonely.

     I looked up the word single for starters with the help of Dictionary.com. I wanted to see exactly what I was up against. Being single in 2017 is truly different. Then, once you add the dating piece to it, it really has shown me that times have truly changed. I remember when dating consisted of two people actually taking the time to get to know each other.  Dating was for the purpose of getting to a destination. There were so many definitions that I could have tackled but the above three stood out to me. I feel they stood out to be because I can relate to each definition. I strive daily to be as content as I can possibly be. However, there is a longing deep within that desires to make it to the other side of single. Yes, the desire has diminished with each fleeting day and my list of absolute must haves has drastically changed. This change is because I have evolved into a different woman. As I am out and about, living life, and encountering many people, the women in my line of work (OB/GYN) and I have concluded that this whole process has left a lot of us exhausted. Whenever I hear the word “single,” it’s always amplified in my head by way of a deep voice: SINGLENESS A STATE OF MIND.  It can be broken down like this: a condition of a person’s way of thinking, feeling, or disposition. In other words, it’s all in what you make of it. As a man thinketh so is he. So, you thought I had some ancient Chinese secret? Let me tell you-nope not at all.  I’m learning and walking this journey everyday through fears, tears, and frustrations. When I am up and at work helping and serving others throughout the day, I am fine. Even after I get home and deal with my children, I am fine. But in the hours after I am no longer the medical assistant, mommy, mimi, the chef, chauffeur, or the many other hats that I juggle, it’s an altogether different story. When I am all alone with my thoughts, that’s when I experience those feelings of anxiety. Some of those adjectives really come alive. I feel secluded, companionless, forsaken, or desolate. Those are the times when the feelings of anxiety overwhelm me.  I begin to question everything about me that caused me to be in this place. And I wonder, when it will all end?

     I turned 39 this year and I titled this year, hashtag chapter 39 all about me.” I found myself dating and meeting the same type of man over and over and over again. They say you only attract what you are. That in mind, I decided to get to know me a little more since I’ve obviously missed some details. I have found that I have a love for the guitar…so I bought one. I bought a beautiful pink guitar for my 38th birthday. I started with YouTube lessons and they seemed too hard. I could never get my fingers to move properly. I felt like they were too short. I remember the look on my children’s faces when I would be up in the wee hours of the morning strumming my guitar and singing and carrying on. I wanted to learn so I needed to apply myself a little more. I have always had a love for writing so I’ve picked my pen up a little more and started writing again. I want to publish some poetry and put out some novels. So I write a little every day and that has been great. Then out of nowhere, I had this overwhelming desire to paint. We had a snow day from work sometime in March I believe and I bought a small art kit from Walmart.  I looked at a few videos on YouTube and the rest is history. I have been painting alone in my bedroom for weeks now. I see life in pictures anyway. When I can’t sleep and those feelings of discontent try and envelope me, I get up and I turn on some music and I simply paint them away.  Before I know it, I’m scrambling to get cleaned up and get in bed for the next work day. It relaxes my mind and allows me to go into a place within. I’ve shared a few of my pics on my social media page…and get this, I actually sold one. It was truly not my intent. I planned on hanging them in my house for my personal viewing pleasure. Well, it seems that was not part of the plan.

     I say all this to say, I’m learning about me. I am creating more opportunities to get to know more of the gifts that are apparently locked within me. I want to encourage you as you are reading this. Begin to get to know yourself on a deeper level. I encourage you to create more opportunities for you to grow as a person. If you have dreams that you have put on hold, wake them up! Take an art class or a gardening class. I started going to the gym and losing weight and realized I actually like working out. I love cooking as well as eating too. Do something for you. I go out on dates by myself.  I challenge you to do so as well.  If you desire to meet someone, first get totally wrapped up in you. And if you are so wrapped up in yourself, that feeling of inadequacy won’t overpower you. You never know.  While you are out one day enjoying you and having fun, someone may be watching you from a far off place and decide that they need to find out more about you. Life can be hard as a single person-trust me, I know.  But it can be done and done successfully. Yes, I still desire that special someone to come in and enhance my life. Note: not save my life but enhance it.  But because I have created outlets for me to release and express myself in the meantime, it’s not so bad. I crack myself up too. I now don’t look at dating as a task. I purposefully take every interaction good, bad, or indifferent and try to find a positive in it. It’s not always easy but it’s necessary for my personal sanity. It’s not always easy but it is necessary for me to continue to grow and become a better me for me-for now at least. I don’t know what my future holds at this point. But I can say that I’m enjoying this new found artist inside me.  I’m even excited about this venture in writing for this newsletter. Being able to share a little of me. If I’m able to be a blessing to someone who reads this that will make my heart smile.

     I have always wanted to write in my spare time. My love of writing started as a child. I remember writing a paper in 5th grade about a terrible spanking I got as a child. I wrote from my heart. I remember getting an A+ on that paper. My fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Ricketts, told me that I had a gift within me for telling stories and that I must share my gift with the world. I never forgot that. I do have gifts within and I want to share them. I believe my season has come. And guess what? With all these new ventures, I do still want a boo thang. But if I wasn’t single during this season, I wonder if I would be looking within myself to be better? So that alone gives me comfort that I’m still single for a reason.  And, so are you. Look within and unlock those gifts and watch how much more you will love yourself.

A Single Haiku for you!


It’s a whole number

Individually sound

My faith sustains me

Written by:

Ms. Reicia Jones





Holding her like she is his last

Her flow has erased his past

He’s making love right here in public

Fingers touching one note at a time playing her like she’s his only instrument blowing into her

Telling the audience “that she’s all mine!”

His baritone sends notes into her sweet nectar as she bellows out a melody for the world to hear

She speaks back creating a sound of love

They unite together

They are what you need

What you seek to feed from to become one

Their sound circulates through your body like a moment in a movie with Diana Ross and Billy Dee

Poppa may have but Momma did!

This is the ultimate feeling and it’s real so sit back and enjoy this ride

Pout yourself a glass of Moet

For God has introduced “The Saxophonist” to “The Soft Spoken Poet.”

Kottyn Campbell is a poet, spoken word artist, author, a vlogger with a sizeable collection of poems and other works on YouTube, a radio and a television show host that has years of experience performing and hosting Open Mic Nights with multiple books to her credit.  Her smooth, sensual, purposeful delivery sets her head, shoulders, and vocally apart from all others of her craft.  Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication is extremely thankful to host such an immense talent as Kottyn.


That concludes the 9th Edition of Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication. Join us for the next edition and updates.  We thank you for your time. We look forward to your continued partnership as we fully intend to…spark a relationship revolution!!!  You made us popular.  Now, it’s our turn to make you proud.  Take care in your travels.




By women, for women with an extraordinary passion to strengthen male-female relationships.

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