The 2nd Edition of Volume 2

I know, I know you’ve been on the grind, right?  So many things have demanded your attention.  Your job.  Your studies.  Your home.  Your car.  Those nearest and dearest to you.  I know.  Believe us when we say…we get it. So…take a minute for yourself. Set your bag down.  Close your planner.  Add one more item-just one-to your to do list: settle in with Jubilee News for next few minutes.  If encouragement is what you need, we have it.  If a fresh perspective is in order, you’ll find it here.  If a diversion would be welcomed, Jubilee News can be that too.

You’ve stumbled across one of the most unique Publications in the blogosphere.  This is a for women, by women work founded in 2013 with a laser focus: women that encourage other women about their relationships with the men in their lives.  Those relationships may be romantic, familial, work related.  They may be simple or complicated.  In either case, our Team of Author-artists will speak to the issues that impact you.  And they will do that in a very loving and sensitive manner.  So sit back. Settle in no…enjoy!

Jubuilee News!  You made us popular.  Now, it’s our turn to make you proud.