A Piece of Reecie

by Recia Jones


All her life she walked to the beat of her own drum. It was more than just a saying it was literally a beat that she heard deep within. This caused her to always be different and stand out in a crowd. She always desired to hang out in the background but that sound within her caused her to shine in such a way that wherever she went a piece of her lingered long after she was gone. She was loved by many and not so much by just as many. The sound made her unique. The sound made her different. The sound came out through many talents that she had been born with. Whatever she put her mind to had the potential to become gold. She loved her family her children was her world. And although she walked to the beat of the sound within her she still felt like something was missing. She danced alone to that sound but longed deep within for a partner one who could lead the dance. One who had the matching sound and understood the importance of matching that sound. Because to meet its match would be earth shattering a match made truly in heaven.  She wasn’t afraid to dance alone as she had done for so long. But to dance with him would be electric and magnetic in its nature.

So in sync
Stepping together
Spinning around life’s obstacles and problems
But you’re right there in sync
Dipping to the pressures of life
You’re right there holding me securely
Offering security
You let me go just a little
Not too far though
Still our fingertips touch
Loving you (oh) so much
Fingers touching you never really let me go
You’re leading
I’m following
It comes naturally
So easy
Just in sync

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