Angry Woman

by Kottyn Campbell

I don’t know who I am anymore!
A Woman who has lost her soul
no correction
He stole
I’m broken
If he tells the story,

I’m just an angry black woman screaming for no reason
I’m delusional crazy even…

Listen to me

Coretta: I tried to keep my cool be peaceful
my lady like appearance was to sweet
and he didn’t appreciate

WinterRain: all I needed him to do was love me
but I was asking to much apparently…

Khandi Girl: the more I gave him my love
he gave what I showed him to someone else

Renee: while my heart was bleeding
and in need
searching for help
he was making love somewhere else
showered her with the world’s diamonds and pearls
giving me cubic zirconium
fake dust,crumbs
and my heart was hurting

I’m calling on my girls!

Vernita: I couldn’t have loved him anymore then what I had

Michelle: you know me
I’m mad
I’m trying not to be angry

Irene, Cousin: pray for me
you ladies know what I mean…

See if I’m angry its because he mistreated me
yea I stayed because I wanted his love
I wanted him to treat me
like I was the one
his wife
partner for life
he was only interested in my sex
from asking to begging desiring his love his time…
but he never did…
and now I’m pregnant with his kid!!

Kottyn Campbell




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