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Join Blossom in her journey through midlife in the series, 

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     Welcome to Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN Publication!  This is the relaunch of the publication and it is called the “8th Edition and Beyond.”  It is the continuation of a dream sparked back in 2012.  And it is also the fulfilled of a dream in the relaunch!  Several attempts have been made to gather a team of columnists and poets to re-engage our audience.  But I have come to realize that those attempts were indeed out of season.  This is the proper season for the relaunch!  This is the proper season for the voice this newsletter was intended to have to be lifted to signify women’s empowerment, strength, and progress!  Now is the time for the fires to be stoked. Now is the time to bring about a relationship revolution!!!  And this newsletter will do just that.

     A Team has been assembled and plans are underway to publish the 9th Edition very, very soon. There is plenty of life left and plenty of issues to tackle in male-female relationships.  So…the journey continues with fresh, new talent of hungry columnists, vloggers, and poets.  In the meantime, please enjoy the adventures of a character I created named Blossom until we release the next edition.  By the way, our mission remains the same: to provoke a relationship revolution!  I have no intent of stopping what we’ve started…AT ALL!  So long as the need for encouragement exists as it relates to man-woman relationships, Jubilee News plans to continue publishing its online newsletter.

Not only for ourselves, but for our children and for many generations to come.

     I thank you soooo very much for your patience…in advance…in this rebuilding process.


James W. Falcon,

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Nekil, a former Editor-In-Chief of another publication, joined the Jubilee News Team in 2013 and made sizable contributions with promises of more in the future.  But unfortunately, Nekil lost her battle with cancer and passed away unexpectedly.  We are grateful for Nekil’s life and contributions to Jubilee News.  Our deepest sympathies go out to her Family & Friends in her lost.  This Publication will forever honor her work and will hold a place for her here among the staff.


Rest In Peace

Nekil R. Colden

11/25/1975 – 1/29/2014

Respectfully submitted,

-James W. Falcon


How important is it for a little girl to have her father in her life? Is a father’s presence that important? What are the benefits of having a solid relationship with your Dad? Follow a fictional character named Blossom as she grapples with these topics in her growth and development from childhood to womanhood in each edition of Jubilee News. Jubilee News is proud to present the work of Baltimore native, artist-author, Jai-ree. Enjoy this new chapter.

     “A missed opportunity. Yup, that’s exactly what I would call the death of my Grandmother-my Dad’s Mom,” Blossom lamented.

     “I never knew her,” she thought angrily to herself.

     “Unfortunately, I never spend much time with her all at all,” Blossom concluded.

     Blossom sat in the wake feeling somewhat bewildered-mad even.  As she watched the people flow in reverently and paused in front of her Grandma’s coffin, she wondered what kind of a person she was?  She wondered, what wisdom she possessed?  What recipes she knew?  What stories could she have told about her Dad and Uncle?

     Blossom felt like a full-fledged member of the family that day.  But in many ways, she felt like she was estranged from her family, too.  She wondered why her Dad didn’t take her around her Grandmother more?  She wondered why she never spent nights, weekends, and holidays with Grandma?  Was the relationship between her Dad and Grandma strained?  Did they even care about each other?

     At the time of her Grandmother’s passing, Blossom was thirty years old.  Yet, she only had a single photo of her Grandmother. It seemed photos of her Grandma were as scarce as her visits.  What baffled Blossom even more was the fact that she can recall hundreds of stories about her-stories her Dad would tell in bits and pieces at dinner.  They were humorous antidotes mostly that were told in her Dad’s unique, storytelling fashion.  They were stories that made me proud to be a descendant of strong, feminine lineage.  They were stories that let Blossom know about the origin her funny bone.  Stories that confirmed why the meaning of the word “family” sparked such an emotional stirring deep down in her soul.  The sheer volume of the stories alone made Blossom feel like she knew her Grandmother intimately.  Yet, Blossom wished she had learned all of those wonderful things about her Grandma personally, directly, instead of through stories. Blossom always got a double dose of stories laced with tons of humor whenever her Dad and Uncle got together.  Blossom recalled how the two would carry on for hours with stories about their mother almost as if she was dead then.  But she wasn’t-she was very much alive.  Blossom always found that strange, peculiar even.

     As she sat there in the wake, she longed to spend time with her Grandmother.  She yearned to learn more about her.  She wished she could be in her presence.  As the stories go, Grandma was a big women.  She was about 6 foot, maybe 6 foot 1 according to the lure and weighed about 220 pounds.  That made perfect sense to Blossom considering her Dad was almost 6 foot 4 and her Uncle was 6 foot 8.  As the stories go, Grandma had as big a heart as she was in stature-traits that apparently existed in abundance among Grandma’s 11 siblings.  It seems Grandma and that whole side of the family were giants.  They were all tall and slim.  Apparently, Grandma could cook, too.

     Blossom never had the pleasure of eating any of her Grandma’s cooking, but she heard her Grandmother was masterful in the kitchen…capable of creating meals out of thin air as the stories go.  Her Grandmother loved to sit around after a good home cooked meal and tell stories.  One of Grandma’s signatures was her laughter.  The one photo that Blossom has is of her Grandma laughing hysterically in a group setting.  Her Grandma’s laughter was the one image that she had somehow had etched in her brain.  Whenever she thought about her Grandmother, she thought about that photo and of her Grandmother’s laugh.

     As Blossom reflected, a tear or two started to build up in the outside corners of her eyes.  It suddenly dawned on her why her Grandmother’s laughter had impacted her so.  She remembered that Grandma was born in 1926.  Grandma lived through some extremely tough times.  Yet, laughter was her signature and legacy.

     “Wow!” Blossom thought to herself.  “To have gone through so much and still have the ability, the determination to find humor and to use it, exploit it as a tool, was the mark of intelligence as well as self-preservation,” Blossom concluded.

     All of a sudden things started to make sense for Blossom.  Now she understood why her Uncle-the older of the two siblings-told his little brother to always make sure that above all else in life, before he laughs at anything else, he must first laugh at yourself.  Now it made sense why her Dad was always clowning around.  Blossom used to get so annoyed with her Dad-especially when she was in her pre-teen and early teen years.  She could not understand why her Dad was practically possessed about garnering laughs.  Now it makes sense, Blossom thought to herself.  The light bulb had come on and come on brightly.  She figured it out.  Her Dad wasn’t a clown!  He was using laughter as a shield-a defense for all of life’s pain.  Now Blossom knew why her Dad quoted the Bible verse, “Laughter doeth well like a medicine.”  Blossom was having an epiphany right there…in the middle of her Grandmother’s wake.  Blossom’s entire countenance changed.  So much so that she didn’t realize her change in demeanor was very noticeable to all who were around her.

     That day, Blossom felt closer to her Grandmother than she had ever felt before.  Her sense of pride had skyrocketed.  Blossom felt like her Grandmother left her a fortune…not in money and material thing…but in leaving a single tool-laughter.  For the first time, Blossom knew what made her Grandma so strong.  Blossom felt like she knew her Grandmother’s beauty secret, secret to inner peace, and secrets in all of areas of life.  She understood why her Uncle was always so jolly.  Blossom was now in possession of the thing that made her Dad’s belly shake like Santa Claus when he laughed.  She knew.  She got it.  Blossom had somehow hurdled the vast chasm that existed between her and her Grandmother.  It was the thing that Grandma passed down to both of her boys.  And it is the thing that her Dad passed down to her.

     That day, Blossom forgave her Dad for the many missed opportunities to connect with her Grandmother.  That day-the day of her Grandma’s wake and funeral, Blossom felt more alive than ever.  Instead of resenting her Dad, she loved him even more.  She actually thanked him for including her in such a rich heritage and history.  Without his stories, Blossom would have never been able to connect the dots.  Without his antics…without the Bible verse quotations…without his hunger for humor, Blossom would have remained estranged from such a wonderful family trait.  But with him, she had a powerful sense of purpose and identity.

     At thirty years of age, Blossom had been privileged to accomplish quite a bit.  She held a Master’s Degree and earned several certifications.  But Blossom realized that her learning had only just begun.

     “Thank you LORD for my Grandma,” she whispered.  “And…for my Dad,” she added.

Join Blossom in her journey through her middle years as she reflects on the interactions she’s had with her dad and…for a new chapter of…The Daddy Pages.  Thank you.


That concludes this edition of Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication. Join us for the next edition and updates.  We thank you for your time. We look forward to your continued partnership as we fully intend to…spark a relationship revolution!!!  You made us popular.  Now, it’s our turn to make you proud.  Take care in your travels.


By women, for women with an extraordinary passion to strengthen male-female relationships.

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