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The Editor-In-Chief’s Message

Welcome to Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN Publication!  This is the Mothers’ Day Edition-Edition 8.3.  I would like to wish all of the ladies of Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication, both past and present, a very Happy Mothers’ Day!!!  I honor you-the person as well as your gifts, talents, and passions, in this very public forum.  And I celebrate your contributions to Jubilee News and to your families.

     This edition and the 2 prior are part of the relaunch of the newsletter that I am calling the “8th Edition and Beyond.”  As much success as the newsletter had in reaching its audience and providing encouragement from woman to woman, its hard to believe that the newsletter laid dormant for several years…until April 22, 2017. With the women’s movement growing in strength and intensity, I strongly believe that NOW is the time and the season for the rebirth of Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication.  I would be remissed if Jubilee News passed up an opportunity to add its voice to the chorus of millions of strong, courageous, women who are hungry for change on so many levels.  An incredible team has been assembled to take on this challenge and to answer the call for social realignment.  In addition, Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication will remain singularly focus to provide a forum for women to encourage women regarding their relationships with the men in their lives.  Apart from me, Jubilee News continues to be a publication for women, by women and it remains wholly dedicated to sparking a relationship revolution!!!

     The official coming back online of the newsletter, the release of the 9th edition, is planned for Saturday, May 20th, 2017 at 2 p.m. That edition will be the unified effort of the largest team of poets, columnists, and vloggers ever assembled by Jubilee News.  Upon the release of the 9th edition one will quickly conclude that the team is fully equipped to usher in a new era and that their passion and talent is unrivaled.  Several attempts have been made to gather a team of columnists and poets to re-engage our audience, multiple times over the past several years.  But I have come to realize that those attempts were indeed out of season.  The time is here and now and the relaunch set for May 20th will catapult Jubilee News forward in extraordinary ways.  In essence, we have no intentions of slowing down or stopping…AT ALL!!!  I thank you soooo very much for your patience…in advance…in this rebuilding process.


James W. Falcon,

Founder & Editor-In-Chief,

Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication


Your support of this newsletter is greatly appreciated. Your input is craved!  Please drop me a note at wmsjubileenews@gmail.com if you have any questions or comments regarding the content of the newsletter and I will guarantee you a timely response.

Also, if you have any suggestions for topics we have not covered, please submit them via email and we will be happy to review those requests as well. Once again, thank you for your support and thank you in advance for your emails.

Thank you once again.


My Heart

by Kottyn Campbell

I wish you were still here.  The days and moments are missed of us shopping and having dinner together.  I miss calling you just to laugh.  Mom, I miss you!  Remember when you taught me how to make my first sweet potato pie?  Remember when we cried at the same time? (You always said I was a cry baby.)  You did your best to teach me your best.  And even though some days you were too busy, you never stopped loving ms.  Secretly, I know you believed in me.  I stretch my arms out some days…I reach for you knowing you’re in Heaven.  And, I long for you to reach back.  The memories and your love are all I have and I’ve kept them close to my heart.  You now live where this all started: me inside you, now inside my heart.  No one could ever remove that part of…us.

I love you Mommy!  Happy Mothers’ Day!

Kottyn Campbell is a poet, spoken word artist, author, radio and television show host that has years of experience performing at Open Mic Nights and has multiple books to her credit.  Her smooth, sensual, purposeful delivery sets her head, shoulders, and vocally apart from all others of her craft.  Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication is extremely proud to host such an immense talent as hers.  Please join Jubilee News in welcoming Softly Spoken to the Jubilee News Team.  



by Kafi

Eight weeks in, I remember walking up Rueckert

From my house to Mom’s

Heavy breaths and the start of my waddle

I found out later, that a picnic size jar of pickles

It preserved my pregnancy

I didn’t know there was a war

Going on in my blood

Everything she needed, my body didn’t have

Folic Acid was poison to me + medicine tried to do me

What my wisdom didn’t know, my body + spirit knew

I found a miracle in a bottle, #amazon to the rescue

I cried to my Mother that I was too young and not ready

She laughed, “34, not ready?”

“Your Great Grandmother told me I was too old at 24”


The stillness of her team kept me from panic

With a genetic specialist and weekly visits

High risk was for others, in my mind’s eye

I was just cared for, extra special

I saw you grow on the glow of a green screen

I couldn’t hold a single thing down, but I peeped your full belly

I wept at your straight spine, and seeing your heart

Those four chambers took my breath away

Even as that tumor, that no one could fathom

Stole from your Summer lake

You winked at me, over your shoulder, thumb in mouth

This war in my blood, had already made you a warrior

#NaPoMo 5/30

Kafi, as she is known in the arts community, is a poet, a spoken word artist, a photographer, a designer, a Periscoper, a marketing and business growth strategy consultant, and a Mom. Kafi is a linguist who fluently speaks 4 languages in addition to English who frequently leverages the experience she gained in her travels abroad in many ways-chiefly, delighting the taste buds of the willing with her culinary mastery.  Kafi is not only an experienced artist but she is extremely well versed in the mechanics of project management of art shows and exhibitions.  Kafi’s most recent accomplishment was having the famous Walter’s Art Gallery in Baltimore, host her photography-her famed black, white, and grayscale photos, in a multiday exhibit.  Jubilee News is extremely proud to host the likes and talents of Kafi.  Please join Jubilee News in welcoming Kafi to the Jubilee News Team.



(from a soon-to-be released book entitled, “Undeniably, Unmistakably, Unapologetically Black’)

by James W. Falcon


She gave me a textbook, a workbook, a notebook and a playbook and made it mandatory that I practice all the plays

She invested all she could to help me navigate life’s maze,

That’s the man my Momma raised.


To her, parenting was much more than a craze

Her “I love you’s” were so more than clichés

She modeled kindness, true love and compassion always


The meals she prepared were always filling like buffets

She had a heart for drunks, addicts and strays

All of my life, those were the folks on whom she fixed her gaze


She said, “Son, there is something that I want you to remember all of your days

Be kind to the broken, the downtrodden, the discouraged, those wandering in a haze

The disabled, the dismembered, the disenfranchised the crazed”


She gave me a textbook, a workbook, a notebook and a playbook and made it mandatory that I practice all the plays

She invested all she could to help me navigate life’s maze

That’s the man my Momma raised.


Everything she did, all that she touched, the things that she shouldered, I watched and was amazed

She taught me to lay down roots, and to never settle for temporary or overnight stays

She was a pioneer-a juggernaut, a parenting pathway she blazed


Seldom her voice she raised

She administered discipline swift, without delays

Yet she publically and privately she praised


She gave me a textbook, a workbook, a notebook and a playbook and made it mandatory that I practice all the plays

She invested all she could to help me navigate life’s maze,

That’s the man my Momma raised.

Written, October 18, 2015


Interestingly enough, James’ love for writing and performing poetry began with this publication.  As Editor-In-Chief of Jubilee News, James developed poems as a means to “fill in the gaps” as he prepared the new edition releases of Jubilee News.  Over time, family members and friends took notice and encouraged James to do more with his poetry.  Several years and 3 poetry books later, James: performs his original poetry at Open Mics, has co-hosted 2 Open Mic venues, been a featured artist at several Open Mic venues, and has been a fill in co-host for one of the longest running poetry venues in the country, The Speak Easy Café. with Host, award winning poet and photographer, Nyla Alisia, on Blog Talk Radio.  James is set to release his 4th book of poetry in July, 2017.



     On this Mothers’ Day, I wish to acknowledge the amazing effort of a wonder woman, my Wife, the Mother of our 4 Princess Daughters, Godmother to our Princess Goddaughter, and Nona to our 6 Grandchildren…Erica Valeri Falcon.  Over the years, I’ve watched you…I’ve worked along side you as you emptied yourself each and every day in love and in service to our children.  Many days you did so while functioning in agonizing pain.  You embarked on a journey that took you into some amazing places emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  I celebrated your accomplishments as you built a business from scratch.  I questioned your sanity at times as you chose to home school our middle Daughter when we tired of a system whose inadequacies were so glaring that you decided to take matters into your own hands.  I rejoiced when you found your place in ministry and directed a home for women in crisis.  You were prophesied to be “A Mother of Many” and that is exactly what you’ve been and how you’ve been.  It was O.K. that at times, I was only known as “Erica’s husband.”  That didn’t bother me at all because I was assured that the work you did and the way you did it would produce the best in the people around you, especially in the children.

     I remember the pride you wore on your face after developing a curriculum that propelled our children to the tops of categories for early reading, writing, and pronunciation.  I was amazed as you taught our children their colors, numbers, shapes, and letters all at such young ages.  My heart melted as I watched the beautiful smile you wore adorn the faces of our girls; your glow became their glow; your femininity became theirs.  I tried to comfort you as you managed through the losses of your Grandmother and Mother and yet…you forged forward, often limping but never-the-less, determined to finish all that you started.

     I am especially proud of you for finishing your college education…under such adversity, hardship, and sorrow.  You promised your Mother that you would do so, and do so you did…in a grand way.  In just a matter of days, you will be commencing.  And I (and the rest of our clan) will be sure to shout so loud that all of our relatives that have gone on to glory, will be able to hear us loud and clear.  That day will be a day a celebration because…you delivered on your promise.  But not only that, you will be the first woman in our family, of the 12 souls of which we are responsible and to whom we are responsible, to graduate from college.  You are a trail blazer, a leader, a pioneer, and a finisher!!!  Magic lassos, invisible jets, special bracelets, shiny boots, swords, and crowns were not required with your assembly.  Yet and still, you are my…uh hmm, our…Wonder Woman!!!

The happiest of Mothers’ Days to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lovingly & respectfully submitted,



That concludes Edition 8.3 of Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication. Join us for the next edition and updates.  We thank you for your time. We look forward to your continued partnership as we fully intend to…spark a relationship revolution!!!  You made us popular.  Now, it’s our turn to make you proud.  Take care in your travels.


By women, for women with an extraordinary passion to strengthen male-female relationships.

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