Fed Up (the poem)

A repost from Vol 1, Ed 2


Our attempts to reconcile can often be fueled with passion and sometimes anger. We should expect rises in tone and displays of emotion in the course of our dialogues. To focus on the words and not on the tone, is critical to the continuance of the dialogue which, if done lovingly, should increase our chances of experiencing a healthy outcome. None-the-less, the saintliest people are quite liable of some surprising outbursts. Read the poem below and see if you can relate to this woman’s expression of anger.


-by Jairee

Your children needed to be picked up from school

And that darn dog of yours jumped into the pool

Your son…is hard headed…slipped and fell off the stool

You said you’d be home in time, boy was I the fool

Where were you?

Rescue me, somebody! Take me away to another world

Ain’t seen diamond the first, not a cotton pickin’ pearl

LET ME TELL YOU, boy…see…today’s not the day

Don’t try to be coy with me, I’ve got alot that I have to say

Keep your distance! Come too close-I’ll hurl something your way!

So, in case you haven’t noticed, today’s just not the day

You promised me…

That you would be sensitive to my needs

If you can’t buy me jewelry, then at least a string of beads

I’m trapped, in too deep, head hurts, heart bleeds

I’m inundated!

So, if you mean well,

I can’t tell…no more words

I need deeds !!!




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