My Poetic

by Recia Jones
Poetic: possessing the qualities or charm of poetry.

I’ve always walked to the beat of my own drum
A sound that comes from
Deep within me
Only heard by me
It’s my poetic
And when it flows
Anything goes
I must write
Old receipts
Loose papers
Sticky notes
It doesn’t matter where
It’s all about releasing that sound
My thoughts
My physical
My poetic
In reality
My personality
Attracts many
And plenty
Of real and counterfeit
And as long as I’m silent
They stay and continue to latch
Once I speak truth I then watch
And learn whose
Real and genuine
It’s my poetic
I’ve been lost in love
And I’ve loved and lost
You ask the cost
So high
Yet, I’m determined to try
Over and again
It’s my poetic
Because this beat is powerful
And remarkable
Its nature is intense
And meant
To only connect with a like sound
That will drown
Everything other sound
To be heard
And shared
Not looking for a whole band
But an audience of one good man
That’s playing to the beat of his own drum
A sound that comes from
Deep within him
And only heard by him
His poetic
Once connected
Our sound is protected
Our beats complimentary
To each other’s beat
We’re now walking to the beat of our drum
The sound coming from
Deep within us
Not only heard by us
But heard by everyone we encounter
It’s our poetic
It’s magnetic
Our poetic

And life has tried to quench that sound, slow her step, and kill the sound. She knows that music is life she continues to tap her feet until her partner shows up. That type of sound can’t simply be quenched….. To be continued

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