My Silence

by Kottyn Campbell


Silence is sometimes golden so I’m quiet
soft spoken
walking softly in your direction
I see my reflection
and I’m not alone

there you are, even before I could reach you
I’m speechless
never have I seen such a spiritual connection
a being so loving
so priceless


even before I could reach your destination
I’m elated

so I count my blessings
With you is where I belong!

I think of you before I open my eyes
I dream of you before I go to sleep at night
God sent you
I receive you as my blessing
my love
my everlasting

I come you in silence
I’ve dreamt of you all my life,
my silence is golden
never giving up on love
never did I stop praying to my God
And now we are one…

so we live and love out loud.


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