Special Thanks & Appreciation

I would like to stop the presses for just a bit to render some special acknowledgements. This Publication, from beginning to end, is a volunteer effort. Every noun and every verb, every comma and every period invested here was made by the most incredible group of people I have ever had the pleasure of working with in the arts community. This applies to every single member of our Team both past and present. Our Team Members manage to juggle many aspects of their personal and professional lives and somehow find the time, not to mention the energy, to contribute to Jubilee News.  To each of you…thank you for what you do.  Thank you for stopping by Jubilee News in your rounds as a superhero.

That said, I wish to pay special tribute to the following people whose particular contributions have fueled tremendous progress. Enormous thanks to my Wife, Erica and to our Daughters: Maré, Unique, and Eliza for your allowances of my engagement in this work. Thank you all for enduring my stories and long winded enthusiasm about this Publication at many family gatherIngs and strewn over social media. I salute you for your love AND endurance in those respects.

Thank you Erica for all of the suggestions you’ve given that have helped mold the modern day Publication into a more feminine work. Thank you for your reminders that while my enthusiasm works well, the feminine touch is what is needed to make the Publication truly appealing to our target audience. I’ll never be able to repay you for your tireless review of website options and color choices nor for the research you conducted on women’s publications. Thank you for the many course adjustments you’ve empowered us to make.

Special thanks to our Daughter, Maré, for always, always, always presenting herself a willing accomplice to my shenanigans as well as to my artistic dreams. I can recall you saying, “Sure Dad, let me know what you need and I’ll be happy to help,” at least 1000 times just in the past few months as it relates to this Publication, my poetry and my performances.

Thank you to the Jubilee Team for sharing your beauty with me and with the world through the pictures you allow me to use on our site.  This is evidence of additional examples of your tireless giving to the work of encouraging women.

To my Wife and our Daughters for lending the Publication your beauty-your gorgeous faces and warm smiles in the collage we developed to celebrate our Team and our move to this website.

Thank you Erica, Maré, and Unique for sharing your beauty with the world. And thank you to our youngest Daughter, Eliza, who has challenged me (practically demanded actually) that I find a role for her to play somewhere in all of this. Thank you for your patience Eliza. Daddy’s working on it.

I’d like to also honor the hours of encouragement given to me to strongly consider upgrading our technology, marketing, online presence, and overall approach. For those reasons, I salute my Daughter Unique who served as our Marketing Intern for the Publication throughout her years in college. Your recent graduation has not only made me proud, but has humbled me as you have made Jubilee News one of your first projects since obtaining your degree. And, to my dear friend Kafi D’Ambrosi, one of our very own Author-artists who has blessed us with articles as well as photography in recent Editions. Our new look, the move to our new site is all due to your contributions as well. Thank you for the many hours of consulting that you’ve provided for this Publication and on my other projects. Though I often regard myself as a mad scientist at times, I am a blessed mad scientist to have had a steady stream of advice from both of you about the technical options available nowadays. Thank you both for bearing with my fears and apprehensions for change.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to offer the grand acknowledgment to a dear friend, a family member (God sister and Cousin actually), a mentor of sorts, a trailblazer, one of the strongest influences and reasons I’ve gravitated toward many aspects of the arts, radio, presenting, facilitating, and training is because you did it first and you truly inspired me to do the same. This phenomenal woman has not only been a big sister but a partner in many aspects of my encouragement based network. She was my cohost in the founding of WHEN MEN SPEAK-The Radio Edition. And she was there in the beginning at the founding of Jubilee News 7 years ago. Today, the Publication wishes to…I wish to sincerely thank LaVerna Saunders for all that she has invested in the making of Jubilee News what it is today. Neither time nor space would permit me to appropriately list and acknowledge what you’ve given to this work. Thank you.



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