First and foremost, if you are feeling discouraged and/or depressed OR if you have thought about harming yourself or harming others PLEASE DON’T!!! Reach out to the Team of counselors at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. They have Suicide Prevention counselors as well as counselors for non urgent related issues available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call NOW!


Welcome to the Support/Resource Center!  Here, you will find a variety of tools you can use to Get!  Be, and Stay…Encouraged.  Thankfully, the Resource Center has been and hopefully will continue to be, an ever expanding area that offers a variety of helps.

The Resource Center contains information on many projects that James has been involved in over years across the Encouragement Is Key (EIK) network. Encouragement Is Key is the parent company of Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication and several other projects.  Encouragement Is Key provides encouragement for individuals, for couples, and for leaders and teams in the work place.

The subsidiary projects span each of the Core areas-the initial projects of the the EIK network-as well as the Expansion Projects from the more recent years.  The Resource Center will also connect you to James’ YouTube Channel that houses a large collection of life coaching, encouragement based videos.  The Center also has a cache of encouragement based, life coaching videos that were originally aired on Periscope within the last year. There are also series that James completed that are solely poetry based.  Information on each of the books in James Quick But Powerful Reads (QBPRs) series can be found in the Resource Center. But the bulk of what you will find in the Center are the listings from the live broadcasts that James hosted in the year and a half run of the Blog Talk Radio show-Cafe Encouragement.  That show provided it’s audience with free, downloadable links of the broadcasts.  And, during the life of that series, more than 12,000 links were downloaded…that’s right-12,000!

The Resource Center itself is actually on the EIK website; however, we have provided you with a link at the bottom of this post to connect you to the Resource Center-the Parent Companies most valuable asset.  When you connect to the Resource Center, you will find that the listings are arranged by project.  Feel free to enjoy the resources for yourself and…don’t forget to share the information with others. Together, we can share the message of encouragement in many ways, using a variety of mediums.

So, accept this invitation to partner with us.  Feel free to post the links you find anywhere they will help others. Send them to family and friends via text messages, emails, and as posts on social media sites.  The information will make great gifts and “you were on my mind” items.  Demonstrate your love and concern for others by sharing the links in our Resource Center.  After all, this entire network was developed to support God’s most precious resource-you (and others).  Thank you for your time, your partnership, and your love for others.  Enjoy!

Click the link below to enter the Resource Center:


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