Taste You

by Kottyn Campbell

The journey that a man and a woman take together is one of twists and turns.  It’s a journey of love and of being in love.  In is sensible and sensual.  That journey, if enjoyed o the fullest, will obliterate comfort levels.  It will push boundaries.  It will pull at heart strings.  To some, it is incredibly risky.  To others, the risk is worth it.  The encounters are frequent but the connections-the deep soul is connections are rare.  To the intelligent, they are worth the challenge to capture.  To the sentimental, they are irresistible.  To the thinker, they can over thought.  To the naive, they can be missed.  To the hunger, thirsty soul, they can be a smorgasbord and to a drink from a well so deep, it’s unfathmable.  To the willing, they are beautiful.  And to the desirous, they are pleasing on many levels. Above all else, to a man and to a woman they are…natural.  Enjoy this poem about the moments that the right man paired with the right women can share.  A celebration of lust and of love and of all of the above…and then some. Buckle up!

i wanna taste you
kiss you
sit on your lap
put my arms around you

stroke the back
of your neck
as i put my tongue in your mouth sucking your lips
let’s go for a ride
thru the flips and the dips

a sweet caress
as i undress

with a single red rose
make you rise to propose
we made a conscious decision, we chose
to free each other from the prisons of these clothes
to expose…

i want you excited the moment that you see me
lets make it a movie
it a sequel start from the beginning
in love. NOW! We…are…winning.

We pledge to never, ever let this thing…end.


Kottyn Campbell is a poet, spoken word artist, author, a vlogger with a sizeable collection of poems and other works on YouTube, a radio and a television show host that has years of experience performing and hosting Open Mic Nights with multiple books to her credit. Her smooth, sensual, purposeful delivery sets her head, shoulders, and vocally apart from all others of her craft. Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication is extremely thankful to host such an immense talent as Kottyn.


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