The Power of Face to Face: The Myth of Man

by Tracye Brewer

​There is a Jewish mystical perspective which depicts a radical creation of mankind in which man evolved from a single being into 2 separate beings. In brief, the mythical tradition declares that God created man as a single, dual sex (male and female) being. Multiple interpretations suggest that the male and female were attached side by side or back to back, like conjoined twins. God saw that it was not good for the man to be alone therefore He caused him to fall into a deep sleep. While the man was asleep, God took the man’s side and created a woman and brought her to the man. Whether you believe that this story is myth, factual history, or spiritual revelation, I believe there is much we can learn from it pertaining to our relationship with God and each other.

First, let’s examine the initial concept of a single being having both male and female. If the male and female are back to back, then they are physically incapable of having a face to face relationship. They are limited. One has no choice to do anything separate from what the other does. One may take a step and the other has no choice but to follow. According to the story, The Eternal God saw that this man, created in His image having both male and female aspects, lacked the ability to express the power of individual free will. The male and female did not have the ability relate to God separately and intimately. The male did not distinguish the female as a separate beng because she was a part of him and the female, likewise. God declared that this was not good.

The story explains that while the man was sleeping, God took the man’s side and used it to create a woman. The lesson we can learn from this is that creation starts with our thoughts, dreams, and imagination. While dreaming, the man sensed that a part of him was missing and he began to crave what was not in him. He desired someone like himself, his female counterpart. Imagine how he felt when he woke up and God brought the woman to him – face to face! As separate beings, the man and woman have the power to choose to interact with each other. The woman can choose to follow the man, or not. The man can choose to lead her, or not. As individuals, they can experience God and each other, intimately by choice. They can desire of their own individual free will. Isn’t that what God wants? I believe He wants us to want Him. He wants every one of us to desire a uniquely separate relationship with Him. He allows us to feel separation so we can desire unity. He wants us face to face. This brings us to the state of male and female relationships today: Each of us wants the other but we have not fully awakened to our individual distinction. Know yourself!

This is a time that we actively participate in our process of growth and celebrate our connections. Take some time to learn who you are outside of your title. What is your purpose? How can you connect to others and to something larger than yourself? This month is also connected to scales and balance. The energy of the season presents an opportune time to cooperate with others. According to the zodiac, it is a time for the social, intellectually savvy, analytical, articulate, and judicial energy of the Libra. I am referring to the part of you that takes painstaking effort to make the right decision. You are ever so careful not to make the wrong choice and sometimes you make no choice to avoid the wrong choice. I challenge you in this season to embrace the doubt. The place of uncertainty is the birthplace of possibilities. You have so many choices! Go to yourself and be open to the possibility of change. When you allow yourself to dream, you are creating the space for desire. Allow your imagination to soar and discover who you are. Like the man in the myth, I look forward to seeing you, face to face.


6 thoughts on “The Power of Face to Face: The Myth of Man”

  1. A very well written article. Coming face to face allows us to have a deeper relationship with others. We can see expressions in faces and body language along with the what we hear with our ears. I believe God wants us to develop feelings and emotions that are real and authentic through face to face relationships.


    1. Thank you Mrs. Brewer! Certainly one of the take-aways from this piece is the importance of authenticity in relationships. The authentic relationships are “face to face” in that they reveal who we really are. Being physically face to face is one way of pursuing authenticity in our encounters because we have the advantage of engaging multiple senses in our communication. I’m glad you were able to make a positive connection with this topic.


  2. Such an awesome article. I was captivated, yet intrigued by how we can find God’s truths hiding behind myths posing as truths, yet illogical, irrational, and irrelevant. You have craftily taken a myth, revealed it for what it truly is, without being unkind. This is an excellent way in which we should treat each other, in order to help one another understand truths over myths, and God’s intended purpose for each of us. Only then will each person seek to be face to face with each other and God, as we see our reflection in our own mirrors…face to face.


    1. Thank you for your feedback Sannette! Your response clearly indicates that you GET IT!! That’s exactly the point I’m trying to make. We have to look deeper for the truth as it is often hidden in places where we would rather not look. We have to stop hiding and look at the one in the mirror. The more clearly we see ourselves, the more clearly we can experience God. I appreciate your ability to appreciate the underlying messages in this article – such a blessing!


  3. The beauty of being male and female is not so much that a rib connects our formation but that God designed is in His image and desires a relationship. He also created us to live in harmony despite our differences. Before we can truly appreciate each other we must “to our oneself be true”. There lies the struggle. Many look to the opposite gender to define themselves instead of defining oneself then connect and appreciating the other. Yes we need to embrace the doubt and uncertainty in ourselves and seek to grow and align to be wholly what we were so craftily created to be and then connect to embrace and lift each other. As we understand our connection with God. #proudtobeawoman Renee


  4. Renee, I appreciate your response and interpretation of the underlying messages in this article. I wholeheartedly agree with the concept you mentioned of being authentic to ourselves before we expect it from others in our relationships. The first place to explore should be within ourselves. Once we are fulfilled there, then we can seek an “other” for authentic connection. Obviously, you get it! It’s a blessing!


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