Welcome to the 1st Edition of Volume 2

Tired?  Had a long day?  Believe you me, we understand.  Kick your shoes off and settle in with us.  Welcome to Jubilee News-the for women, by women Publication.  Here at Jubilee, women encourage women about their relationships with the men in their lives.  If you need your batteries recharged, we have just the thing.  In need of some insight?  We can cover that?  Need an interesting read?  We have plenty you can sink your teeth into.  This Edition is an Open Topic Edition which means…the Author-Artists are free to write on whatever topic they choose. They can take…and have taken…creative liberty to truly express themselves apart from an all encompassing theme.  That means…you are in for a real treat!

Grab your favorite drink, settle in to your favorite chair or wrap yourself up in your comforter with your phone, tablet, or laptop and check out the 1st Edition of Volume 2.  You’ll be glad you did.

Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication.  You made us popular, now it’s our turn to make you proud. Enjoy!

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